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Price Details:
Actual Price Paid:
(Including Rebate)
Special promotion:Free Maintenance
Additional Incentive:7.9% @60 mos
Amount Saved:$400
Savings as % of MSRP:2.08%
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Price Ranking:
F This price ranks #10 out of 10 submissions for 2007 Toyota Camry purchases. This price represents a poor transaction price.

Dealership Details:
Purchase Date:Jul 19, 2007
Dealership:Joe Machens
Location:Columbia, MO
Buyer Comments:The dealer had a decent selection of cars and the staff was very friendly. When I went to buy the car, they offered it for so much money and a pretty decent interest rate. When I went to sign the contract, there was a completely different price and a higher interest rate than what I had been told. Of course it was verbal, so I couldn't do anything about it other than not buy the car, but who wants to waste all that time...
Pros:Very friendly and knowledgeable staff
Cons:The verbal prices and interest rate did not matche the contract prices and interest rate.
Links:Toyota Dealers in Columbia, MO
* MSRP includes destination charge
* Actual Price Paid includes destination charge and any rebates/incentives . Excludes taxes, doc fees, and other dealer fees.

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