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Price Details:
Actual Price Paid:
(Including Rebate)
Amount Saved:$2,419
Savings as % of MSRP:10.72%
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Price Ranking:
D This price ranks #33 out of 50 submissions for 2008 Nissan Altima purchases. This price represents a slightly worse than average transaction price.

Dealership Details:
Purchase Date:Jul 19, 2008
Dealership:St. Charles Automotive-Nissan
Location:St. Charles, MO
Buyer Comments:I suggest going in with your own financing especially if you can get a better deal thru your bank or credit union. If you use the term, "okay, I understand, you just can't do it at this price, just give me my keys, " they will begin to see you mean business. I did this 3 times. After sending a stronger closer in and I still didn't cave to their "lowest" price, they knew they'd have to budge because I wouldn't. I'm a woman who took advantage of my own stubborness. It worked, I have a beautiful new car. Also, as I was leaving the lot, I kindly asked for free lifetime carwashes, he thought about it asnd said okay, once a month. :-)
Pros:the finance lady, Cathy. that's all I can say about the "best." Cathy is awesome, however you need to watch her closing skills because they are almost better than the dealers, trying to get you to sign the extended warranties. Don't want them, again, don't cave. Politely tell her no thank you.
Cons:as a control tactic, they make you wait. get up walk around, that stresses them.
Trade-In:2004 pontiac montana
92,281 miles
Dealer Paid: $7,285
Blue Book Value: $5,200
* MSRP includes destination charge
* Actual Price Paid includes destination charge and any rebates/incentives . Excludes taxes, doc fees, and other dealer fees.

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