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Price Details:
Invoice Price:$28,938
Actual Price Paid:
(Including Rebate)
Amount Saved:$6,430
Savings as % of MSRP:20.18%
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Price Ranking:
A This price ranks #18 out of 211 submissions for 2009 Honda Accord purchases. This price represents an excellent transaction price.

Dealership Details:
Purchase Date:Aug 23, 2009
Dealership:Prime Honda
Location:West Roxbury, MA
Buyer Comments:I've bought several Toyota's from Prime (formerly Clair) but this was the first time I've bought from their Honda dealership. The stickiest part of the deal was my trade-in, because we first worked on the price for the new car. Tips: Read and actually follow the advice on carbuyingtips.com, print out everything, use the spreadsheets and make sure you're aware of any factory to dealer incentives, the true value of your trade-in. It took me a while to remember that these guys aren't the enemy but just doing their jobs, but once I used that perspective it was a collaborative (and dare I say, enjoyable) experience. Make sure you know as much about the car you want, the car you're trading in and the sales process as they do!
Pros:Peter Zios was the sales guy and was excellent - upfront and honest throughout the process. I had almost gotten badly burned the day before by another dealer and my initial discussions with Peter were aggressive on my part. He was a real gentleman, being patient and working through the mountain of information I brought in to help me get a great deal on the car. Focus on service: after the first round of negotiation I was called by their Customer Service manager who wanted to follow up and make sure that they had done all they could to make me happy.
Cons:Tough to be negative, Prime have always been my dealership of choice because they've never made me feel that I'm just another sale - when buying my first few cars they would often talk me out of the premium level vehicle I could barely afford and into something lower priced that was comfortably within my budget.
Trade-In:2008 Toyota Prius
26,400 miles
Dealer Paid: $18,000
Blue Book Value: $17,725
Links:Honda Dealers in West Roxbury, MA
* MSRP includes destination charge
* Actual Price Paid includes destination charge and any rebates/incentives . Excludes taxes, doc fees, and other dealer fees.

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