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Price Details:
Actual Price Paid:
(Including Rebate)
Additional Incentive:4.4% @60 mos
Amount Saved:$6,925
Savings as % of MSRP:27.67%
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Dealership Details:
Purchase Date:May 16, 2009
Dealership:St. Charles Hyundai
Location:Saint Peters, MO
Buyer Comments:Dealership is OK. Salespersons should learn to listen rather than coerce a price out of someone. I would go there again but with reservations.
Pros:Dealership agreed to sell $1,050 below invoice. Eventually got a price comparable / better than Fitz Auto Mall's "Internet Price" mentioned on this site or another car price site.
Cons:Salesperson wanted a commitment to a price before revealing the internet price (even though he was reminded that the dealership already agreed to selling car below invoice). Salesman was insistent on a price commitment. Salesman got frustrated in dealing with me at one point and said he was done dealing. He was a younger salesperson with a flair for the dramatics to convince you that you don't realize how good of a deal they're offering you. He will go over the usual about he's got mouths to feed at home. I know I could have gotten a better price on the trade-in but I was willing to let it go just to seal the deal. Finance person was very pushy about getting the extended warranty. One other thought, the sales person tries to get you to a target price when haggling. They're obviously trying to gauge what you're willing to part with when the amount you haggle for becomes smaller. When you reach a price they do not like, they will simply say they won't sell it to you. Psychological salesmanship if you will. More than likely it's part of the act. When I left to go look at other cars at other dealerships, I eventually received a call from the sales person who seemed to magically talk his manager in allowing for a small decrease in the price in order to make the sale. In Hindsight, I probably could have squeezed another $1,000 off (not counting the trade-in).
Trade-In:2001 Mazda Protege LX
100,000 miles
Dealer Paid: $1,400
Blue Book Value: $2,425
Links:Hyundai Dealers in Saint Peters, MO
* MSRP includes destination charge
* Actual Price Paid includes destination charge and any rebates/incentives . Excludes taxes, doc fees, and other dealer fees.

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