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Price Details:
Actual Price Paid:
(Including Rebate)
Special promotion:Employee Pricing
Additional Incentive:4.6% @60 mos
Amount Saved:$10,422
Savings as % of MSRP:38.51%
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Dealership Details:
Purchase Date:Feb 22, 2009
Dealership:Vision Dodge
Location:Rochester, NY
Buyer Comments:Great overall! My advice, know what to expect. Go to the manufacturer website and get the price of what you want with the options and find out what the rebates and other incentives are. Find out what your trade-in is worth from KBB and Edmonds and also what your car is really selling for out on the street. Get preapproved from various banks and shop interest rates. When you go in, you'll know where you stand, but don't let the dealer know this. Keep your cards to yourself. Let the salesman do all the talking so you can see where his starting point is compared to yours. Then negotiate the heck out of the deal. Write everything down and go home and think about it. Look at all the numbers again and weigh everything against your starting point, if it doesn't add up go back and try again. There is really no rush and there is an honest deal in there somewhere, the dealer already knows what it is and it's up to you to find it. For me it really helped that they had emp pricing plus $1500 cash back so all I had to do was neg my trade-in and financing which I ended up getting elsewhere.
Pros:Joe was willing to work with me on my trade-in (in the end I got $5000 cash and they paid off the $3000 that I owed for $8k total). He answered every question that I asked honestly (I think). Joe understood what I was looking for and pointed me in the direction of the Sahara which has all of the luxury options of an SUV but in a Jeep body and he saved me from compromising on options. The Sahara is soo nice! :D Oh, and I also get free oil changes for life (up to 4 a year i think) and free key replacement for the first year should I loose one. Joe was energetic and fun to work with. He got me excited to buy a new car and in the end he did get my business so he did right. Joe also drove 100 miles to get the color I wanted. How awesome is that?
Cons:After negotiating the price we went on to payments and interest rate. They tried for $320 @ 84 months = $26880 total and kept pushing me towards that. Then they wanted to add on all the BS type stuff like undercoating and lifetime wax and what not which was like $384 @ 84 months. It's their job I guess... Sucks dealing with this type of stuff. In the end I came back with my own financing from Chase for 4.64% and handed the dealer a check for $19,300 (taxes and reg and all that). Chase's 4.64% puts me at 365 @ 60 = $21,900 total including interest.
Trade-In:2004 Saturn ION
50,000 miles
Dealer Paid: $8,000
Blue Book Value: $8,000
Links:Jeep Dealers in Rochester, NY
* MSRP includes destination charge
* Actual Price Paid includes destination charge and any rebates/incentives . Excludes taxes, doc fees, and other dealer fees.

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