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Price Details:
Invoice Price:$30,797
Actual Price Paid:
(Including Rebate)
Additional Incentive:1.9% @60 mos
Amount Saved:$4,651
Savings as % of MSRP:13.85%
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Price Ranking:
D This price ranks #10 out of 15 submissions for 2016 Honda Accord purchases. This price represents a slightly worse than average transaction price.

Dealership Details:
Purchase Date:May 5, 2016
Dealership:Markley Motors
Location:Fort Collins, CO
Buyer Comments:No pressure to buy, worked with me to find exactly what I wanted. I had to ask for things, and needed to be assertive, but overall a nice place with some great people. You just have to avoid the landmines.
Pros:Without a doubt it was our salesperson. Great guy, very helpful, but not pushy. Would be happy to work another deal with him
Cons:The sales manager, and the F&I experience. Sales manager didn't want (at first) to honor the incentive available at the time of delivery. That was very disappointing, but my salesperson stepped in and got me the agreed upon incentive. The F&I experience was the worst I've ever had. Very high pressure to buy their third party extended vehicle service contract (VSC). I said no numerous times. He would move on, but then come back to it. Finally scared my wife enough that I relented. After reviewing the contract in greater detail at home, as well as reviews I knew I had to cancel. I went back and had it cancelled. Which they did, but you could tell he wasn't happy about it. If you feel the need for a VSC look into the Honda Care. There are great prices to be had online, about half what some dealers are charging. Basically, do your homework first.
Links:Honda Dealers in Fort Collins, CO
* MSRP includes destination charge
* Actual Price Paid includes destination charge and any rebates/incentives . Excludes taxes, doc fees, and other dealer fees.

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