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Purchased Vehicle City State Dealer MSRP Paid Savings Satisfaction
Oct 26, 2018 2017 Toyota Camry Houston, TX TX Mike Calvert Toyota $27,637 23.03%
Oct 24, 2017 2017 Toyota Camry Homosassa FL Village Toyota $33,640 21.52%
Aug 18, 2017 2017 Toyota Camry Santacruz CA Toyota $25,033 29.33%
Jul 25, 2017 2017 Toyota Camry Vallejo CA Toyota $24,368 22.44%
Jul 20, 2017 2017 Toyota Camry Lincoln NE Baxter Toyota $28,291 24.74%
Apr 21, 2017 2017 Toyota Camry King Of Prussia PA Ardmoretoyota $24,204 19.85%
Oct 30, 2016 2017 Toyota Camry Escondido CA Toyota Of Escondido $25,962 7.30%

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Tips from Toyota Camry Buyers

Toyota of Redlands
Redlands, CA
Very Pleasant overall.There was some haggling after i showed them some quotes from other dealers. They then came in a couple of hundred under that to earn the business. Do your research and do not let them play the whole manufacture reabate game with you. Use TrueCar .com as a reference for negotiation.

Pros: Got a better deal than even the best deal on TrueCar. Dealer did not try to up sell me on any other options. GOT AN SE FOR LE PRICE.

Cons: can think of any besides the haggling.

Purchased 2016 Toyota Camry SE 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6A) on May 15, 2016

Beaumont, TX
I had visited 3 dealerships in person and 1 by phone. So I had a good idea about what was the typical area price. I bought toward the end of Toyota's National Clearance sale on 2013 models so the dealer seemed to be relatively motivated.

Pros: Buying toward the end of the clearance sell seemed to keep them motivated. I dealt with two salesmen. Both were relatively low pressure in their sales tactics.

Cons: None, really. I think they wanted to sell an older model car and I wanted to buy one at a good price.

Purchased 2013 Toyota Camry SE 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6A) on Aug 31, 2013

Route 22 Hillside toyota
New Jersey, NJ
I not happy to buy from them,

Pros: Car clean up quick

Cons: They are like a high way shop.They don't know how to take care of customer .They don't care a bout customer satisfied.

Purchased 2012 Toyota Camry LE 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6A) on Oct 6, 2012

Continental Toyota
Hodgkins, IL
Jim Francis.

Pros: Upfront with fees/pricing. Won't try to trick you. You'll have to figure out what fees you're willing to accept and what options you're willing to negotiate for, however. Do your research.

Cons: Pressure from one sale manager to take what she offers or just walk. But other guys made up for that.

Purchased 2011 Toyota Camry 4dr Sdn I4 Auto LE on Jun 25, 2011

Toyota-Scion of Gladstone
Gladstone, OR
Very Good Overall

Pros: Willingness to work out the deal.

Cons: Little too fast to follow details but still, in the end it all was very well done.

Purchased 2010 Toyota Camry 4dr Sdn I4 Auto LE on Mar 27, 2010

World Toyota
Altanta, GA
dealership was good, had to bargain quite hard to get the deal

Pros: strong desire to get your business, willing to negotiate

Cons: typical hassle with them, you basically have to play the game

Purchased 2010 Toyota Camry 4dr Sdn I4 Auto LE on Dec 6, 2009

Milwaukee, WI
OK, they tried to play hardball, when all I wanted was a stripped down camry.

Pros: Good Selection and Price

Cons: Tried to wait me out. Also, only gave me 3 or the 4 keys. (Only gave me one key when I drove away, and I went back and they only had 2 of the 3 they should have had.

Purchased 2010 Toyota Camry 4dr Sdn I4 Auto on Aug 8, 2009

Rice Toyota
Greensboro, NC
Long Story,Toyota dealer titled car in his daughters name ( now becomes used car not elegiable for rebates or low financing). She then changed mind on what she wanted.She never took car from dealership lot. Car has 260 miles on it from doing a dealer swap to get this one from another dealers inventory for the daughter. Window sticker still on car window. Now with this car being used with 260 miles, it has been toyota certified by dealer which gives it a extended powertrain warranty of 7 years or 100,000 miles. The standard powertrain warranty is 5 years or 60,000 miles. I am getting 2 more years or 40,000 more miles of warranty from Toyota. Paid cash for car, needed no special financing. If I can't pay for it I do not need it.

Pros: options: (aw aluminum wheels) (sr pwr tilt / slide moonroof w/sunshade)(pv4 carpet mats) (7 years or 100,000 mile powertrain warranty) $19,010 out the door turn key price paid for car

Cons: Always remember all new cars are used when we drive them off dealership lots !!!!

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry LE 5-Spd AT on Jun 6, 2009

Jerry Durant Toyota
Granbury, TX
The whole process lasted about 2 hours. I was pretty satisfied with the process overall, however, the finance dept. had me wait for quite a while just to approve a loan. It took about 45 minutes which shouldn't be the case. They were able to find a $500 Toyota Loyalty rebate because my family had previously loaned through them before. The interest rate was 5.75 compared with 5.27 at Capital One. I might be able to refinance at a lower rate. Overall, the process was a bit too long and could have been considerably shorter. My dad and I did go on a weekday and is less busy so that might explain their leisure attitude.

Pros: Carl, the internet manager, was able to give me the best price compared to the 18 other dealerships in the dfw metroplex on the first try. He was pretty straightforward compared to everyone else. They did not try to sell me upgrades or add ons too hard and backed off when I told them I was not interested.

Cons: The wait was definitely a turn off. They had me wait for 45 mins and did not talk to me until the whole waiting became too annoying. I told them if they could not get the loan then I just use the financing I had.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry LE 5-Spd AT on Mar 2, 2009

DCH Brunswick Toyota
North Brunswick, NJ
Sales Manger was good to work with.

Pros: Good Inventory.

Cons: Location of Dealership is accident prone due to sharp merging traffic and making Turn into the lot.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry LE 5-Spd AT on Dec 30, 2008

World Toyota
Atlanta, GA
The overall experience is very good. I went to buy 2009 Camry LE for $19,500 (including Tax, Title, Document fees). But I didn't like the very low end wheels to the LE. Then I asked for Alloy Wheels for LE and they said it will cost $1350. Then I asked the sales person to find a car with Alloy Wheels in LE. He couldn't find any in LE trim. Then we looked at the SE with Alloy Wheels and I really liked it. Finally we came to the final price of $21,000 for SE. The SE has Toyota branded Alloy Wheels (which looks really great), Rear Spoiler, Fog Lights, Leather Trim steering wheel and gear rod. The seats are lot better than LE seats.

Pros: The customer service is best. I called the fleet manager and have decided on the LE price before I go to the dealer. They agreed to the price they promised in the phone.

Cons: Before buying the SE, the sales manager tried to get a few hundred dollars more from me. But I stick to my price and I told him the I am going to buy LE for $19.5K if he is not going to offer SE for $21K. So in over all I paid $1500 more for SE and I am very satisfied.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry SE 5-Spd AT on Dec 24, 2008

Fowler Toyota
Norman, OK
Awesome people. It was a long process but great service throughout!

Pros: Not a pushy dealer. Indeed they were salesmen, but not the in your face, pushy to make a sale dealer.

Cons: I don't think that there were any, I would go back again.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry SE V6 6-Spd AT on Nov 22, 2008

Mossy Toyota
San Diego, CA
I already had the quote in an email before I went to the dealership. They didn't haggle at all and the salesperson was decent. The finance department tried to push add-ons like extended warranty, paint protection, fabric protection, alarm and some security feature for a whopping $6000. I declined all of them and obviously the finance manager was not quite happy but he did behave decently.

Pros: Not much sales pressure but it might be just that I went in at the right time on a Sunday. There were not many sales people hanging around either. All in all they had only 3 to 4 customers in the whole showroom, so things were moving slow for them, and that might have helped me get this deal.

Cons: You always need to watch out for things that need to be fixed before you sign the papers at the finance department. There was a missing battery terminal cap which the salesperson said would be taken care of but once I signed the purchase contract, they declined to fix that saying that they had already lost $1400 on the deal that they weren't going to fix that. Not a big deal for me but I was surprised that the sales lady would be so brutally honest. I told her in the face that I expected that such a thing might happen. My advice: read Edmunds.com and http://www.carbuyingtips.com/, and get dealers to compete against each other and get a final OTD faxed or emailed to you before stepping into dealership. You will get ripped off if you didn't get the quote beforehand.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry LE 5-Spd AT on Sep 28, 2008

toyota lewisville
Lewisville, TX
Long time to deal, 5 hours, salespeople are great, but financing is terrible

Pros: salespeople, very knowledgable

Cons: financing dept. had to get my own best deal through a blank check, otherwise i would have been screwed with their financing

Purchased 2007 Toyota Camry CE 5-Spd MT on Jul 28, 2008

Boch Toyota South
South Attleboro, MA
Frankly, no BS, quick and painless. Bought the car online.

Pros: No nonsense approach. They quoted price for what i wanted, I put a deposit ($500) on my American Express, and paid in full three days later.

Cons: Nothing at all negative. NO HIGH PRESSURE AT ALL!

Purchased 2008 Toyota Camry LE 5-Spd AT on Jan 3, 2008

Fred Anderson
Raleigh, NC
Quick and Professional. Ask for Mark.

Pros: Excellent Price, Excellent Service department. They allowed me to take the vehicle 15 miles to show my wife.

Cons: Didn't recognize any.

Purchased 2015 Toyota Camry XLE 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6A) on Nov 12, 2015

Fort Bend Toyota
Richmond, TX
Fort Bend Toyota is a good dealership. Friendly staff and willing to negotiate.

Pros: The finance person was very honest and helpful. Our primary sales person (Isabella) was awesome.

Cons: Another sales person, Ike Mohammad Iqbal, was terrible.

Purchased 2012 Toyota Camry LE 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6A) on Dec 29, 2012

Al Hendrickson Toyota
Coconut Creek, FL
Overall smooth took a bigger hit on trade because had not owned it long and had to trade it in because wife had back surgery and we had to upgrade to the LE model we bought the base to save and it ended up costing us , I recommend buying the LE for everyone its worth the extra money .

Pros: Dexter Marshall is great would recommend him to everyone , very friendly and knowleadgeable about product , Thanks Dexter .

Cons: Price was a little higher than I wanted to be at but was mostly due to loss on trade in got a good price on new car was the trade in that put the squeeze on me and ran my payment up .

Purchased 2011 Toyota Camry LE (A6) on Sep 29, 2011

Toyota of Tampabay
Tampa, FL
I had a great experience. I work with Ric DeLeary in the internet department. I saw the ad online and when I got there the car was ready for a test drive and I paid the price in the ad. What a breath of fresh air these guys are for the car business.

Pros: The salsman was excellent. The ammenities are over the top, this plsce even had a movie theater.

Cons: I just wish I had gone there sooner.

Purchased 2011 Toyota Camry 4dr Sdn I4 Auto on Jan 3, 2011

Toyota-Scion of Gladstone
Gladstone, OR
Very Good Overall

Pros: Willingness to work out the deal.

Cons: Little too fast to follow details but still, in the end it all was very well done.

Purchased 2010 Toyota Camry 4dr Sdn I4 Auto LE on Mar 27, 2010

Earl Stewart
North Palm Beach, FL
Better than expected, actually outstanding.

Pros: No haggle, no dealer fees, no games or surprises, and located and delivered exact color optioned car when supplies were low due to C4C.

Cons: None

Purchased 2010 Toyota Camry 4dr Sdn I4 Auto SE on Aug 10, 2009

Toyota of Hollywood
Hollywood, FL
GREAT experience!!

Pros: Friendly, willing to negotiate

Cons: It took approximately 5 hours to complete the sale, which I found to be a bit excessive.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry LE 5-Spd AT on Jun 25, 2009

Houston, TX
Contacted with Internet sale manager and didn't bargain for price but got window tint and keyless entry free.

Pros: process very smothly and friendly.

Cons: A little far from my home. The car had 150 miles already(drove from another dealer.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry Base on May 15, 2009

cain toyota
North canton, OH
after much research and internet quotes had to settle for paying bottom line of approx $400 over lowest quote in order to stay with the closer to home dealership

Pros: salesman Jim very nice and personable; dealership is the only one in the Canton,Oh area, which is close to home

Cons: they would not match the lowest quote from a dealer within 30 miles,but they did come reasonably close-after a lot of haggling

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry LE on Jan 5, 2009

Power Toyota Irvine
Irvine, CA
I got 12 bids from other dealers via e-mail and Power Toyota beat them all by $885. The transaction was no hassle and easy. I am very satisfied.

Pros: No hassling in person, no arguments. They honored the price they sent via e-mail.

Cons: I had to be firm when asking them to give me a price instead of telling me what my other offers were, but once they found out I had so many other bids they were ready to beat them.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry LE 5-Spd AT on Dec 28, 2008

Camelback Toyota
Phoenix, AZ
Outstanding, second vehicle I purchased here.

Pros: Prompt service, no pressure, very willing to negotiate. Price also included window tint, pin stripes, and permaplate trim.

Cons: Amenities in vehicle service area are dated.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry LE 5-Spd AT on Dec 13, 2008

Longo Toyota
El Monte, CA
My first purchase experience from Longo Toyota, which was a 2009 Corolla, was a good experience, but my second purchase experience, which is a 2009 Camry, was goddamn awful and I will never buy another vehicle from them ever again. I paid $18,600 for my stinky 2009 Camry LE, which is way overpriced, because many other local Toyota dealers in southern California are now selling them for less than $17,000. The salesman was rude and pushy, and gave me a sucky price at the end. The salesman really has a bad attitude on trying to charge me more because the vehicle is Made in Japan. We did not even finish negotiating the price yet because the dealer asked me to return back the next day, and I did not even had the chance to negotiate on lowering the interest rate. The salesman walked away from me and forgot about me.

Pros: World's largest Toyota dealer, plenty of space to walk around, in-stock inventory, one of very few car dealers that do not pressure buyers to buy extended warranty.

Cons: Many... Salesmen are very inexperienced, do not price-match with other local Toyota dealers, lied to me I got a great deal, unethically charged me $1,000 more because the vehicle is Made in Japan, I illegally used the college grad rebate the second time to bring down the already awful final price, did not allow me to negotiate the final price nor negotiate on lowering the interest rate.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry LE 5-Spd AT on Oct 21, 2008

Hayward Toyota
Hayward, CA
Loss leader price was advertised on TV.

Pros: Free car mats and best non-negotiated ad price in the area.

Cons: Typical sales tactics. Took multiple attempts to purchase.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry CE 5-Spd AT on Aug 8, 2008

Toyota of Plano
Plano, TX
This dealer was tops- very pleased with Faz, my salesman.

Pros: Upfront, easy process. Everything was negotiated before I step foot in the dealership.

Cons: Customer parking and no play area for kids.

Purchased 2009 Toyota Camry LE on Jun 25, 2008

Joe Machens
Columbia, MO
The dealer had a decent selection of cars and the staff was very friendly. When I went to buy the car, they offered it for so much money and a pretty decent interest rate. When I went to sign the contract, there was a completely different price and a higher interest rate than what I had been told. Of course it was verbal, so I couldn't do anything about it other than not buy the car, but who wants to waste all that time...

Pros: Very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Cons: The verbal prices and interest rate did not matche the contract prices and interest rate.

Purchased 2007 Toyota Camry CE 5-Spd MT on Jul 19, 2007

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