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The Top 20 Best Selling Cars

August 9, 2012

The Toyota Camry held on to its title as the most popular car in America, selling nearly 30,000 units last month. The Honda Accord came in a close second, selling 28,639 units.

The Chevrolet Malibu fell 13 spots to 14th place, a drop in sales of nearly 40% - mostly attributed to a drop in sales to rental car companies.

Check out the rest of the top 20 best-selling cars below, and be sure to use the CarWoo Deal Finder to get the best prices on these vehicles.

RankVehicleUnits Sold
1Toyota Camry29,913
2Honda Accord28,639
3Nissan Altima26,602
4Honda Civic25,004
5Toyota Corolla/Matrix23,326
6Ford Fusion23,327
7Hyundai Sonata20,978
8Hyundai Elantra18,512
9Toyota Prius (All)16,643
10Ford Focus16,454
11Chevrolet Cruze14,954
12Volkswagen Jetta13,629
13Kia Optima13,317
14Chevrolet Malibu12,345
15Kia Soul10,063
16Nissan Sentra9,888
17Chevrolet Impala9,359
18Chrysler 2009,287
19Subaru Outback9,282
20Mazda 3 9,027