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Purchased Vehicle City State Dealer MSRP Paid Savings Satisfaction
Jul 17, 2017 2016 Honda Odyssey Harrisburg PA Faulkner honda $28,000 8.93%
Mar 19, 2017 2016 Honda Odyssey San Francisco CA San Francisco Honda $37,100 14.00%
Feb 21, 2017 2016 Honda Odyssey Port Charlotte FL Port charlotte Honda $33,400 14.07%
Feb 11, 2017 2016 Honda Odyssey Culver City CA Culver City honda $32,700 3.67%
Feb 11, 2017 2016 Honda Odyssey Culver City CA Culver City honda $32,700 14.07%
Nov 12, 2016 2016 Honda Odyssey Princeton NJ Princeton Honda $34,550 12.59%
Oct 31, 2016 2016 Honda Odyssey Monrovia CA Sierra honda $37,100 14.69%
Oct 31, 2016 2016 Honda Odyssey Monrovia CA Sierra honda $37,100 5.80%
Oct 23, 2016 2016 Honda Odyssey Elk Grove CA Elk grove honda $39,100 16.48%
Jun 30, 2016 2016 Honda Odyssey Aurora CO Mile High Honda $34,590 14.72%
Jun 6, 2016 2016 Honda Odyssey Limerick PA Piazza Honda of Pottstown $36,950 14.21%
May 31, 2016 2016 Honda Odyssey Owings Mills MD Northwest Honda $36,950 19.58%

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Tips from Honda Odyssey Buyers

Faulkner honda
Harrisburg, PA
Did it via text message after looking st this site and others for research All the dealers have a text website option. Go look. Test drive. Don't buy. Then get quotes. They shoukd match others quotes

Pros: Easy good price

Cons: They tried hard to sell extended warranties. I did not buy because it a new car. 2000 plus dollars

Purchased 2016 Honda Odyssey LX 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 6A) on Jul 17, 2017

Piazza Honda of Pottstown
Limerick, PA
Generally a good experience with the dealer.

Pros: Honest and up front about the price. No games.

Cons: A little pushy on an extended warranty, pointless dent removal, upholstery protection, etc. Had to give them a firm no thank you.

Purchased 2016 Honda Odyssey EX-L 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 6A) on Jun 6, 2016

Brighton Honda
Brighton, MI
one of the best internet deal I found in Michigan. Better than the deals from Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

Pros: no hassle price. Walk in with OIt the door price provided and walk out with your car no gimmicks.

Cons: none

Purchased 2014 Honda Odyssey EX-L 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 6A) on Nov 8, 2014

Very pleased with my salesman Alex Ivanov. Not only he is a nice salesman but also a very helpful.

Pros: Quick, Easy and extremely nice to deal with

Cons: My finance counserlor was not honest. I was kinda disappointed with him.

Purchased 2012 Honda Odyssey EX-L 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 5A) on Jul 26, 2012

McGrath Honda
Chicago, IL
This is the first time I have ever gotten quotes on line before making a decision on where I would go buy my new car and it was great. I received quotes from 3 different dealerships and this one gave the best offer.

Pros: Great price and when we arrived we were not pressured to buy something more expensive. We had received a quote over the phone from another dealership and when we arrived they said they didn't really have the car there but could get it delivered in a few days if we commited to buying the car and gave them a non refundable downpayment. This place was great in just giving us the price we were quoted and the car we wanted.

Cons: There was no special treatment on their part, probably because we knew what we were there for and how much we were going to pay so they didn't feel a need to go oveboard to make us feel like we were special but at the same time I don't care about that if I get a great price.

Purchased 2010 Honda Odyssey 5dr EX on Sep 3, 2010

Mike Pruitt Honda
Akron, OH
I really liked it, but I'm glad that I was armed with knowledge of leasing, where the money goes, and how it adds up...they still try to make you feel ok about not understanding it all...and not understanding is no ok. Got my deal through the internet guy...

Pros: Accessibility, and competitive initial quotes online

Cons: They still didn't give me a crazy good deal...just a good deal, and I think I could have still done better by about $1000. They SAY it's rock bottom price, but it's really not.

Purchased 2010 Honda Odyssey 5dr EX-L on Jul 31, 2010

Schaunburg Honda
Schaumburg, IL
The car buying experience went well. The sales person was very knowledgeable and honest. A very good experience overall.

Pros: Good service department which we have used for a number of years. Also, they met the lowest price that we found on our own.

Cons: We had to research the best price and then they met it. I wish they had just given us that same lower price to begin with.

Purchased 2010 Honda Odyssey 5dr EX-L on Jun 29, 2010

berkely honda
Berkely, CA
no hassle.. but non negotiable at their quote

Pros: keep the words.. no pressure to but anything else

Cons: no negotiation beyond the quote..which was quite reasonable..

Purchased 2010 Honda Odyssey 5dr w/RES & Navi EX-L on Apr 18, 2010

Honda of Concord
Concord, NC
We were very satisfied. We first got several internet quotes and brought to the dealership. Quote was from dealership's biggest competitor

Pros: Seemed very honest. Not usual car salesman stereo type.

Cons: Would not honor their offer if you left their premises.

Purchased 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ DVD and Navigation System on Jul 3, 2009

Honda Of Joliet
Joliet, IL
Good experience, negotiated the price through the internet and phone and when I came in, it was all set to purchase.

Pros: Gave a competetive internet price and negotiated further over the phone, so I was all set with my price before even setting foot in that dealer.

Cons: None

Purchased 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ DVD on Jun 8, 2009

Larry Hopkins
Sunnyvale, CA
Very easy to work with overall but it took a lot of effort because I followed this site's advice to get multiple bids. Also, for anyone's information, the OTD price was $34,234.

Pros: The sales people I worked with were very easy and pleasent to work with

Cons: Paperwork took too long but they were very busy that day

Purchased 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ DVD and Navigation System on Feb 18, 2009

Lejeune Honda Jacksonville, NC
Jacksonville, NC
Drove 100 miles to make this deal, which was pre-arranged via emails and a couple phone calls. Deal originated from an Ebay auction the dealer was running.

Pros: Minimal contact at dealership. Fine folks to deal with. No F&I badgering.

Cons: Drilled hole in front bumper to install license plate bracket and I live in a state that doesn't require fron license plate.

Purchased 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ DVD on Feb 10, 2009

Russell and Smith Honda
Houston, TX
Great experience. Ask for Tom, the internet manager.

Pros: Gave best quote over 6 other dealers. Were upfront on all costs. Had the exact model we wanted (black ext. with ivory-tan interior)

Cons: When we got there for our appointment, they did not have the vehicle ready (it was on their other lot) and it had to be cleaned up. Took a couple of hours.

Purchased 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ DVD and Navigation System on Dec 29, 2008

Hansel Honda
Petaluma, CA
Bought through internet sales manager. 30 Odysseys to choose from. Also want to mention Manly Honda in Santa Rosa, CA as very reputable dealership, this from several past and present customers. We didn't buy there because of color choices.

Pros: Treated professionally; no pressure. No surprises (meaning all went as planned/agreed) on receipt of van the following week due to our conflicting work schedules and dealer DVD installation.

Cons: none so far

Purchased 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L on Nov 8, 2008

Airport Honda
Knoxville, TN
I liked our salesman Jim Davis. As far as car salesmen go, he's about as good as you can get about being reasonable, etc. The finance department put too much pressure on for added stuff like extended warranty, etc.

Pros: Our salesman and willingness to get the color combo we wanted.

Cons: The finance department, and the whole issue of bidding to finally get the right price. Next time I will figure out the car/color I want, and only do internet bidding with different dealerships.

Purchased 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ DVD on Sep 30, 2008

Mile High Honda
Aurora, CO
Very satisfied with the dealership.

Pros: Easy communication through email. Honest on the price, and I got the OTD price I asked for without pushing add ons.

Cons: None

Purchased 2016 Honda Odyssey SE 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 6A) on Jun 30, 2016

Saratoga Honda
Saratoga Springs, NY
I watched multiple dealer training videos on YouTube to learn their tactics and derived my own 4 square deal system essentially using their game and tactics against them. Dealer was very nice and professional and the atmosphere was friendly and non pushy for the most part.

Pros: Willing to work with me and beat pricing from other dealers.

Cons: They were not likely to give me discounts on dealer installed accessories.

Purchased 2016 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/Rear Entertainment 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 6A) on Jan 16, 2016

AutoNation Honda Lewisville
Lewisville, TX
great experience, send my request online thru a few car buying portal and received several quotes. Negotiated with the lowest 3 and just drove to the dealer to sign the paper in less than 1h i was out. No bait and switch, no haggle, no surprises from what we discussed in the emails or over the phone.

Pros: Kept their word. No hidden fees. best price very courteous, never hid the price or forced me to go to the dealer to further discuss the price.

Cons: a little further from my house, none significant. I could not remove the dealer accessories like the pin stripe, door edge film, etc.

Purchased 2013 Honda Odyssey EX 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 5A) on Mar 13, 2013

Hardin Honda
Anaheim, CA
The salesman was a little "slick" but he was also good-hearted and worked hard for us. The manager called us and quoted us $500 over invoice with new grad financing and .9% APR

Pros: The financing department rep was easy to work with and low pressure

Cons: The manager did not include the "pro pack" with his quote over the phone. That had to be negotiated after we were there.

Purchased 2011 Honda Odyssey 5dr EX on Sep 4, 2011

DCH Academy Honda
Old Bridge, NJ
Very good, smooth transcations, No surprises, Honored the internet price quote, even after odysseys price went up.I confirmed with other dealers in central NJ.

Pros: Answers to all your questions, Delivered product as promised. we are very happy with the dealer.

Cons: So far none. This is our first buy with them. we used different Honda dealer i nthe past but this one is to go for.

Purchased 2010 Honda Odyssey 5dr w/RES & Navi EX-L on Aug 22, 2010

Rt 22 Honda
Hillside, NJ
Check truecar.com for invoice and dealer costs and use those numbers as well as numbers from sites like these and edmunds as basis for negotiations.

Pros: Sales manager fair and professional. Not so sure I would have felt that way if I hadn't come in prepared. Good inventory

Cons: Salesman ok- too distracted with personal phone calls. Long wait to finalize with finance manager- at least no push to buy extra stuff like extended warranty.

Purchased 2010 Honda Odyssey 5dr w/RES EX-L on Jul 23, 2010

Hardin Honda
Anaheim, CA
Excellent sales experience. No pressure sales.

Pros: The sales person took the time to display the vehicle. He was very helpful in answering questions. Best of all they gave us a great price!

Cons: None

Purchased 2010 Honda Odyssey 5dr EX-L on Apr 29, 2010

Gurnee, IL
Satisfied. Gave less on trade-in than expected but the price on the new car was stellar. Some negotiation but willing to work with you.

Pros: Easy negotiation through email. Will work with you to close the deal.

Cons: In the end, all dealerships are looking to get as much money out of you as possible.

Purchased 2010 Honda Odyssey 5dr w/RES EX-L on Mar 13, 2010

Brown's Honda World
Glen Burnie, MD
Paid $21,572 + $100 Dealer Processing + $20 Electronic Transfer Service Fee + $1300.32 MD Sales Tax + $255 for Registration ($20 Lien, $50 Title, $180 License, $5 Tire Tax) = $23,247.32 Total Out The Door. The electronic transfer service fee was for transferring mini-van from Northern Virginia to Baltimore because the silver color I wanted was out of stock locally. MSRP was $26,355 + $670 Destination + $162 for mud flaps and $99 for pin stripe. Financed at 2.9% over 36 months with $500 down for monthly payments of $661.31 Recommend using Costco EZ2Buy program. I received a Costco "no haggle" price over the phone, which other dealers wouldn't match. Even though Costco says it is a "no haggle" price, the dealer was still willing to negotiate. Negotiations at dealership took about 1 hr. I showed them a print out of prices paid by www.realcartips.com to save a few hundred more dollars. Dealer probably would have gone a few hundred lower if I would have taken the last LX they had in stock, which was white. In hindsight, I would have been more careful when showing dealer a list of prices paid posted on forums like this. The lowest I saw on line was $20,500 for a LX in Lisle, Illinois. The dealer, however, said that he couldn't match this price because there are variations in price across the country due to local demand and color preference. Once I showed him the price list as my final negotiating tactic, he could justify the price difference pretty easily.

Pros: Got "no haggle" Costco price over the phone and they were still willing to negotiate the price. Negotiations at the dealer only took about an hour, and the dealer stayed focused on the out the door price without shifting numbers around.

Cons: Paper work took a couple of hours. Also, low inventory and had to wait until next business day so car could be transferred from Northern Virginia.

Purchased 2009 Honda Odyssey LX on Jun 22, 2009

Plaza Honda
Brooklyn, NY
Very good experience overall, Salesman was very polite and gave us a good starting price. ($20500), but later came fees, but overall I think I made a very good deal.

Pros: Starting price. Good salesman.

Cons: Fees, (In my final price I included dealer prep and pre delivery inspection, I know i should have leave this out...)

Purchased 2009 Honda Odyssey LX on May 13, 2009

carl hogan honda
Columbus, MS
Good buying experience.

Pros: They did not play games with prricing. Negotiations were simple.

Cons: Dealer located 260 miles from my home.

Purchased 2008 Honda Odyssey EX on Feb 14, 2009

Sunnyvale, CA
negotiated price over phone with internet sales manager

Pros: No change after price finalized over phone, no unexpected surprises.

Cons: Car was not ready for 6 hrs after signing the papers.

Purchased 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ DVD and Navigation System on Jan 3, 2009

Honda Windward
Kaneohe, HI
Good in and out at 2 hours

Pros: quick nice sales man

Cons: none, i had previously posted but did a typo and didnt know how to work this site.

Purchased 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L on Nov 12, 2008

Galpin Honda
Mission Hills, CA
I was not satisfied, because we got scammed. They lied to us that bluetooth, alarm, lojack were already included in the car when in actuality they were to be installed after we bought the car.

Pros: None. I'm very dissappointed by the way the sales person pretended to be nice when she was just being dishonest.

Cons: The sales person, manager, and the finance guy were not honest. They scammed us into getting lojack, alarm, and bluetooth by saying that they were already included in the car and as such were included in the asking price when that was not the trueth.

Purchased 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ DVD and Navigation System on Oct 18, 2008

Vidmar Honda
Pueblo, CO
Great buying experience. Relaxed atmosphere, no pressure sales, superior knowledge of products.

Pros: Inventory & no pressure approach

Cons: can't think of any, it was the easiest new car purchase I have ever made.

Purchased 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L on Jul 22, 2008

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