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Always Negotiate Your Trade-in Separately

Dealers typically make more money on used cars than they do on new ones.

They know most car shoppers are mainly focused on the new car and don't do much research on the car they're trading-in. This is a HUGE mistake!

The main tactic dealers use is to bundle the trade-in with the price of the new car. They will give you a great price on the trade-in (over the Blue Book value), and you think you're getting a great deal. What you don't realize is the dealer just jacked up the price on the new car.

By the time the deal is done, you're left confused with all the numbers and think you got a great deal, when in fact, you got ripped off. The way to prevent this is to separate your trade-in negotiation from the new car purchase.

Always shop your trade-in and negotiate its price with multiple dealers before negotiating the price of your new car. This way, you'll have a much better idea as to its real worth, rather than relying on the offer from one dealer.

If you have a late-model used car that's been maintained and kept in good condition, you have a gold mine in your hands. Don't short-change yourself by agreeing to bundle the trade-in with the purchase. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and since you're browsing this web site, you should NEVER fall for it.

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