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Responses You'll Get to Classified Ads

Selling your car to a private party through classified ads should earn you the highest price for your vehicle, but it does come with some hassles.

One of the biggest complaints is the amount of time wasted responding to and meeting up with potential buyers who aren't really serious about purchasing.

It's important to set realistic expectations when you post a classified ad. Don't get discouraged right away, it can take some time to find the right buyer.

Here are some of the common responses you may receive:

First, you may get calls from dealers wanting to buy your car. They will usually inform you they have a customer looking for your type of vehicle. It's a lie - they're just trying to find used cars to stock for their inventory.

No car dealer will pay you anywhere close to retail price for your vehicle, so it's best to just tell them you're not interested in selling to them.

They may try to entice you by offering your asking price, but the truth is - they just want you to come to the dealership where they will find problems with your car and bid a much lower price hoping you go for it since you're already there.

Another common occurrence will be buyers emailing you questions about the car. You respond, but then never hear back from them.

The worst kind of potential buyer is the one that sets up a time to see the car and never shows up. You'll probably run into this at least once.

The truth is - it usually takes at least a week or two to find serious buyers assuming you priced your vehicle fairly. Keep this in mind and be prepared to deal with some disappointments along the way.

You can of course luck out and sell your car right away, but that's more an exception than the rule.

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