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Advantages of Buying a Used Car From a Dealer

While it's true you can usually get a lower price when buying a car through a private party, there are several good reasons why you may want to buy from a dealer.

The main benefit is that you won't have to worry about buying a fraudulent vehicle. Dealers are required to follow strict laws so they will rarely risk getting their license revoked.

This is especially true for franchised dealers that sell new vehicles. The last thing they want is to lose their franchise license. With private party sales, there can be situations where fraudalent titles can lead to a long and costly legal battle.

Another advantage to buying from a dealer is they will usually have a good selection of late-model used cars to choose from. They have first dibs on vehicles coming off factory leases and they get a steady stream of trade-ins from new car buyers.

Most dealers thoroughly inspect their vehicles and replace any worn parts before putting them up for sale. They also offer a much better level of service - especially after the sale. Good luck trying to rectify any problems when buying a car from a private party.

Most dealers want to keep customers happy, so it's not unusual for them to fix problems that occur after the sale.

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