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Why It's Better to Get a Shorter Term Car Loan

Not everyone can afford to pay cash for a new car, so getting a car loan makes sense for most people - just make sure to limit the loan to as short a term as possible.

You should aim for a car loan with a term of 48 months (4 years) or less. The shorter the time-frame, the more money you will save on interest costs.

If you can afford the higher monthly payments on a 2 year loan, that's your best option - but realistically, most car buyers will need to get at least a 36 month loan.

A 5 year car loan should be the maximum time frame you consider. If you can only afford payments by extending the loan to 6 years or more, you should be looking for a less expensive vehicle or be willing to wait 3 to 9 months while saving money for a larger down payment.

On a typical $20,000 car loan financed at 7% interest, you will save over $3,000 in interest if you opt for a 2 year loan versus a 6 year loan. The following table shows the amounts you save when comparing different loan terms:

  2 yr 3 yr; 4 yr 5 yr 6 yr
2 yr $0 + $734 + $1,503 + $2,271 + $3,063
3 yr -$734 $0 + $769 + $1,537 + $2,329
4 yr - $1,503 - $769 $0 +768 +$1,560
5 yr - $2,271 - $1,537 -$768 $0 + $792
6 yr - $3,063 - $2,329 - $1,560 - $792 $0

Many car dealers will try to pressure you into extended-term loans, especially if they feel you can't afford the monthly payments on a shorter loan.

Just remember that you'll be paying a lot more over the long-run when you stretch out your car loan. To top it all off, the longer you extend the car loan, the longer you will be upside-down on your car - meaning you will owe more than what the car is worth.

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