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Is it Easy to Switch Car Insurance Providers?

When comparison shopping car insurance rates, you'll quickly realize how easy it is to save money by switching companies - but is it really that easy to switch?

Thankfully, the answer is YES!

Switching car insurance providers is relatively easy and painless as long as you do it right.

The vast majority of car insurance providers allow you to cancel your policy at any time by sending written notice stating the date of cancellation.

When switching to another insurer, make sure there is no lapse in your coverage. You should make the starting date of your new policy overlap with the cancellation date of your old one.

A word of caution: When canceling your current insurance policy, it is very important that you send them a written notice as stipulated in the contract.

Failure to do so will cost you money and can hurt your credit.

Don't ever assume that your policy is automatically cancelled if you don't pay your next premium. If you don't give formal notice, they will bill you for the next payment and your credit will be affected if you don't pay.

Although it's very easy to cancel your car insurance policy, you should consider a couple of things before doing so.

If you've been with the same insurer for a long time, it's likely that you have a long-time customer discount in place.

But more importantly, your insurance company may cut you more slack if you have an accident or get a moving violation.

If you won't be saving a considerable amount by switching and you have been with the same insurer for more than 5 years, it's probably not worth it to switch.

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