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Car Incentives Down by as Much as 40%

May 3, 2012

According to Edmunds.com, incentive spending on new cars has hit a seven year low, with the average incentive totalling only $2,071 per vehicle.

$2,000 may sound like a lot, but keep in mind that most of these incentives are factored into financing, lease deals, and dealer incentives rather than cash-back offers alone.

Nissan and Ford reduced their average incentives spending by over 10% compared to last month, which may explain the large drop in Altima sales recently.

Honda has reduced their incentives by a whopping 40% compared to last year, which makes their ads touting "The Really Big Sales Event" sound ridicolous.

Here is a table showing the average incentives by the six largest manufacturers

ManufacturerAverage April IncentivesLast Month% ChangeChange from Year Ago
Chrysler$2,495 $2,486 0.40%3.90%
Ford$2,360 $2,701 -12.60%0.80%
GM$3,446 $3,258 5.80%14.30%
Honda$992 $991 0.10%-40.90%
Nissan$2,136 $2,455 -13.00%-16.30%
Toyota$1,388 $1,371 1.20%-19.80%
Industry$2,071 $2,118 -2.20%-1.80%

Unfortunately, with car sales increasing and production remaining low, this is a trend that will probably continue throughout this year. It's becoming harder to negotiate great deals, and can sometimes be difficult just to even find popular vehicles in stock.

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