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Best & Worst Cities to Buy a Used Car

February 21, 2013

If you're in the market for a used car, the city you purchase in may have an impact on the price.

According to Forbes, there can be quite a difference in car prices between US cities. For instance, cars sold in Miami, FL are nearly 7 percent less expensive than the national average, while used cars in Jackson, MS may make you fork over 9 percent more than the national average.

Here's a look at the top 10 most affordable and least affordable cities in the US when it comes to buying a used car, based on the national average transaction price.

10 Most Affordable Cities

City % Below National Average Price
Miami, FL -6.6%
Cleveland, OH -5.7%
Rochester, NY -5.4%
Detroit, MI -4.7%
Stamford, CT -4.7%
Akron, OH -4.4%
Buffalo, NY -4.4%
Toledo, OH -3.7%
New York, NY -3.7%
Minneapolis, MN -2.8%

10 Least Affordable Cities

City % Above National Average Price
Jackson, MS 9.0%
Seattle, WA 6.4%
Montgomery, AL 5.8%
Little Rock, AR 5.8%
Knoxville, TN 5.5%
Mobile, AL 5.3%
Fresno, CA 4.8%
Memphis, TN 4.8%
Wichita, KS 4.8%
Lincoln, NE 4.7%