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Why It's Important to Know How to Calculate Your Lease Payment by Hand

Car SalesmanLeasing a car can be very confusing, and this is exactly why dealers LOVE consumers who lease.

There are so many ways to hide extra dealer profit into the monthly payment. Most consumers have absolutely no idea when they get ripped off on a lease.

For example, one common dealer practice is to charge consumers full MSRP for the vehicle. The price of the vehicle affects your monthly lease payments, but many car shoppers don't realize this.

A dealer can easily add an extra $40 to the lease payment and most car shoppers wouldn't even bat an eye because most of them don't know how to calculate a lease payment correctly. An extra $40 for 36 months adds up to nearly $1,500.

This is why it's very important for you to be able to calculate your lease payment by hand or by using a simple calculator. This will prevent dealers from hiding extra fees in the payment.

You'll even amaze the salesperson when they find out you can calculate a lease payment correctly - something that most of them don't know how to do.

To learn how to do it, read our guide on How to Calculate Your Monthly Lease Payment.

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