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Should You Lease From the Same Company Again?

Same CompanySome consumers assume they will get a discount if they renew a lease with the same company, but this simply is not true - in fact, it's opposite of what people think.

If you don't shop for the best lease deal every time, you're going to pay for it with a higher lease rate - simple as that.

Leasing companies have learned to take advantage of the trust that's been built up during a lease. They know that most people would rather take the easy road and renew rather than shop around for the best lease deal.

Because of this, they are more likely to input favorable terms for themselves, not you. They may nudge up the interest rate or lower the residual values a bit, both of which would make the lease more expensive for you.

In almost all cases, profits for a leasing company go up on the second lease.

A simple rule to follow: Always shop around for a lease as if you've never leased before.

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