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Corvette Sales Plummet, Great Time to Buy

January 21, 2010

Chevy CorvetteThe Chevrolet Corvette has been on offer to American consumers for more than five decades, but last years' sales were the lowest since the early 1960s, with less than 14,000 cars sold.

This is good news if you've been wanting to buy a sports car.

General Motors confirmed the figures showing that Corvette sales were down nearly 50 percent compared to 2008.

Demand has declined across the sports car market with popular models like the Porsche 911 and Audi R8 registering sales drops of roughly 20 percent, along with models from Mercedes Benz and Dodge.

Buyers who have the money to consider buying one of these "halo" cars may want to consider doing their shopping soon, based on the rapid decline in demand. While dealers have historically added premiums to these higher-priced vehicles, they are more open for bargains when their lots are full for months at a time.

Another reason to buy sooner rather than later: sports car purchases typically trend higher in warmer months and in balmier locales where buyers are likely to want a good-looking car to drive. With salt still on the roads throughout the Northern states, the focus right now is geared more towards winter driving.

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