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10 New Vehicles That Come With Huge Discounts

May 17, 2012

If you care more about getting a great car deal, rather than getting the latest up-to-date model, here's something you should pay attention to.

Kelley Blue Book has identified the top 10 best vehicles if you're looking to get the best value. These are all models that will be replaced by an all-new redesign later this year.

New vehicles are usually redesigned every 5 years, and because of anticipation by car shoppers for the new design, manufacturers tend to have a harder time selling the remaining models. This presents a great buying opportunity. Not only will you get a much better deal, but the final model-year vehicles tend to have less problems than the first-year models. That's due to production glitches that come with any newly redesigned model.

However, there are two disadvantages to buying a final-year design: One, obviously, is that you'll be buying a soon-to-be outdated model. The second is that the resale value will be a lot lower when compared to the newly redesigned models. There's usually a big price gap between different generations of the same used model. This won't be much of an issue if you intend to keep the vehicle for at least 6 or 7 years.

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SegmentMakeModelTrimMSRPFPPRebateSavingsFinal Price
Compact CarNissanSentraSedan 4D$17,030 $15,828 $1,500 $2,702$14,328
ToyotaCorollaLE Sedan 4D$18,670 $17,092 $500 $2,078$16,592
SuzukiSX4Sedan 4D$14,614 $13,654 $1,000 $1,960$12,654
Compact CrossoverSuzukiGrand VitaraSport Utility 4D$20,464 $18,765 $1,500 $3,199$17,265
NissanRogueS Sport Utility 4D$24,195 $22,707 $1,500 $2,988$21,207
MitsubishiOutlander SportES Sport Utility 4D$20,605 $19,295 $500 $1,810$18,795
Mid-Size CarFordFusionSE Sedan 4D$23,770 $22,308 $3,000 $4,462$19,308
NissanAltima2.5 S Sedan 4D$23,490 $21,620 $2,500 $4,370$19,120
ChevroletMalibuLT Sedan 4D$24,230 $23,081 $3,000 $4,149$20,081
SUVNissanXterraX Sport Utility 4D$28,085 $25,855 $3,000 $5,230$22,855

To see the lowest prices on any of these vehicles, start with the free CarWoo Deal Finder