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Top Car Lease Deals Under $200

December 27, 2012

On a budget and looking to keep your monthly car lease to under the $200 mark? Lucky for you our friends at “Best New Car Deals” have put together a list of the best car leases under $200.

Keep in mind these are special limited-time lease offers for December 2012, so if something on the list below catches your eye, you may want to move fast before the offer expires. Also, most of these deals do require a down payment, first month's payment, or additional fees at time of lease signing.

As always, I recommend using the CarWoo Deal Finder to get the best prices on these vehicles and to also find out the exact incentives available in your local area. You can communicate with dealers online through the CarWoo service.

Current Advertised Lease Deals – $199 or Less Per Month

VehiclePaymentMonthsDown PaymentPayment w/ $0 Down
Smart Car Pure Coupe$9936$1,393$138
Scion iQ$9936$1,969$154
Smart Car Passion Coupe$13936$1,433$179
Volkswagen Jetta$18942$0$189
Honda Civic Sedan$14936$1,999$205
Scion xD $15936$1,999$215
Hyundai Accent (2012)$16936$1,699$216
Kia Rio LX (2013)$16939$1,999$220
Kia Forte LX (2013)$16939$1,999$220
Hyundai Accent (2013)$16936$1,899$222
Fiat 500 POP$19942$999$223
Toyota Corolla LE$15939$2,558$225
Subaru Impreza$17942$1,979$226
Ford Fiesta (2013)$15924$1,679$229
Kia Forte Koup EX (2013)$17939$1,999$230
Kia Soul (2013)$17939$1,999$230
Hyundai Elantra$17936$1,999$235
Hyundai Veloster (2012)$17936$1,999$235
Scion xB$17936$1,999$235
Chevrolet Cruze$16936$2,439$237
Suzuki SX4 Sedan$16942$2,924$239
Nissan Versa Hatchback$18939$1,999$240
Smart Car Passion Cabriolet$19936$1,493$240
Hyundai Veloster (2013)$17936$2,299$243
Mazda Mazda3 4-door $18936$1,999$245
Suzuki SX4 Crossover$17942$2,830$246
Subaru Legacy$19942$1,999$247
Ford Focus (2013)$16924$1,884$248
Hyundai Elantra Coupe$18936$2,299$253
Chevrolet Malibu$19936$1,979$254
Hyundai Sonata$19936$1,999$255
Mazda Mazda3 5-door$19936$1,999$255
Nissan Sentra $19936$1,999$255
Toyota RAV4$18939$2,588$255
Suzuki Kizashi$19942$2,498$258
Hyundai Elantra Touring$19936$2,199$260
Kia Optima (2013)$19939$2,399$261
Ford Fiesta (2012)$18924$1,758$262
Jeep Patriot$19939$2,499$263
Toyota Prius C $19939$2,598$266
Hyundai Elantra GT$19936$2,499$268
Ford Fusion$16924$2,428$270
Honda Civic Hybrid$19936$2,799$277
Suzuki Grand Vitara MT$19942$3,262$277
Chrysler 200 Sedan$19936$2,999$282
Dodge Dart$19936$2,999$282
Ford Focus (2012)$19924$2,018$283
Buick Verano$19924$2,119$287
Mitsubishi Lancer ES$18924$2,388$289
Mitsubishi Lancer SE $18924$2,399$289
Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback $19924$2,398$299
Ford Explorer$16924$3,139$300
Nissan Altima $19924$2,599$307
Toyota Camry SE$19924$2,839$317