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Large SUVs Offering Better Deals Now

May 17, 2012

Now that it looks like gas prices have reached their peak, it's a great time to consider buying a full-size or midsize SUV.

This sounds counter-intuitive, but the fact is, most consumers are shunning away from these vehicles and are looking to buy more fuel-efficient models.

Because of this lower demand, there are more deals to be had on larger vehicles like SUVs. Many of these models come with attractive incentives, and dealers are more likely to be flexible when it comes to negotiating. AutoTrader.com identified the most popular SUVs that shoppers are looking at right now - all of which are offering incentives.

Full-Size SUVs

  1. Chevrolet Tahoe
  2. Dodge Durango
  3. Chevrolet Suburban
  4. Ford Expedition
  5. GMC Yukon

Midsize SUVs

  1. Jeep Wrangler
  2. Jeep Grand Cherokee
  3. Ford Explorer
  4. Chevrolet Equinox
  5. Ford Edge

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