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10 Biggest Used Car Price Drops

February 27, 2014

As with everything that's for sale, prices can fluctuate. And when it comes to used cars, those prices can fluctuate by a great deal. According to Cars.com, the average price for a late-model used car in February rose slightly -- by $12 -- to $23,249 compared to January.

If you're in the market for a luxury car, you're in luck as the largest price drops were in that area. The Cadillac DTS had the largest price decrease, dropped 3.6% from January. Following closely behind is the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class with a 3.5% price drop, and the Acura TL with a 3.4% decrease.

On the flipside, the Ford F-250, Mercedes-Benz SL-Class and BWM 740i all saw the largest increase in price over January's sales.

If you're considering any of these cars, remember to use TrueCar Pre-Negotiated Prices to find local dealers who are most willing to negotiate on these vehicles.

Biggest Price Drops

VehicleFeb. Avg. PriceDifference from Jan.% Change
Cadillac DTS$27,634-$1,025-3.6%
Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class$59,830-$2,143-3.5%
Acura TL$28,409-$1,011-3.4%
BMW X3$36,160-$1,233-3.3%
Lincoln MKS$28,050-$923-3.2%
Chevrolet Volt$25,811-$803-3%
Ford C-Max Hybrid$23,349-$703-2.9%
BMW 535i$40,327-$1,097-2.6%
Buick Lucerne$19,873-$511-2.5%
Cadillac CTS$31,651-$790-2.4%

Biggest Price Increases

VehicleFeb. Avg. PriceDifference from Jan.% Change
Ford E-250$21,398$6052.9%
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class$80,602$9241.2%
BMW 740i$52,354$6441.2%
Honda Insight$15,294$1771.2%
Toyota Sequoia$42,032$4591.1%
Volkswagen Beetle$18,792$1971.1%
Nissan Titan$26,476$2551%
Hyundai Azera$22,612$2321%
Chevrolet Express 2500$22,612$2321%
Honda Accord Crosstour$21,229$1840.9%

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