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Honda Offering Special Lease Deals

Honda Lease DealsHonda leases are well worth checking out in February because they've extended their discounts, generally available only on their mid-level LX trims, to some EX versions of models as well.

For example, a Honda Accord with 4-cylinder in the top-level EX trim can be had for just $219 in monthly payments, with an additional $2,599 due at signing, while the Civic EX runs just shy of $200 with less than $1900 due at signing.

The Civics overall are very inexpensive this month if you're not planning on owning your car. The LX is available at $179 per month, and the base DX-VP is just $159. The Insight, a dedicated hybrid, is also an option if you're looking for better gas mileage, with a $199 monthly payment.

Those deals continue even if you're considering a vehicle with greater space, either a hatchback or a crossover SUV. The Pilot LX with two-wheel drive can be had for $349 per month, and $2,699 due at signing.

The quirky Accord Crosstour, which offers more trunk space thanks to an all-new hatchback design is available for a lease of $429 per month with only $429 due at signing for the top of the line EX-L with all-wheel drive.

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