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Mercedes Offering Attractive Lease Deals

If you've been dreaming of adding a Mercedes to your garage, you're in luck - the company is offering a new crop of incentive deals on their new 2013 models.

According to our pals at Best New Car Deals, some deals are for 30 months and 25,000 miles, while others are for 36 months and 36,000 miles. All require a payment due at signing, which includes a down payment, $795 acquisition fee and a first month's payment.

If you're seriously considering purchasing a Mercedes, make sure to use the free for the biggest discount possible.

Vehicle Per Month Due at Signing Rating on LeaseGuide.com
Mercedes C250 Sport Sedan $349 $4,143 104, Outstanding
Mercedes C300 4MATIC Sport Sedan $369 $4,163 108, Outstanding
Mercedes C250 Coupe $379 $3,773 105, Outstanding
Mercedes GLK350 SUV $399 $4,593 97, Outstanding
Mercedes GLK350 4MATIC SUV $419 $4,713 99, Outstanding
Mercedes SLK250 Roadster $499 $4,459 82, Excellent
Mercedes E350 Sport Sedan $579 $4,549 98, Outstanding
Mercedes E350 4MATIC Luxury Sedan $599 $4,869 98, Outstanding
Mercedes E350 Sport Sedan $599 $4,869 98, Outstanding
Mercedes ML350 SUV $599 $4,893 87, Excellent
Mercedes SLK350 Roadster $619 $4,739 79, Excellent
Mercedes ML350 4MATIC SUV $619 $5,313 87, Excellent
Mercedes E350 Coupe $629 $4,174 79, Excellent
Mercedes E350 4MATIC Coupe $649 $4,594 79, Excellent
Mercedes GL450 4MATIC SUV $699 $6,493 82, Excellent
Mercedes E350 Cabriolet $709 $5,003 79, Excellent
Mercedes CL S550 Coupe $999 $5,294 72, Good
Mercedes CL S550 4MATIC Coupe $1,029 $5,523 72, Good
Mercedes S550 Sedan $1,149 $6,143 89, Excellent
Mercedes S550 4MATIC Sedan $1,149 $6,343 89, Excellent
Mercedes SL550 Roadster $1,549 $6,843 96, Outstanding

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