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Loophole May Allow Up to $4,000 Discount on Mercedes-Benz

Every once in a while, I receive word of a really huge car buying tip. This week was one of those times - I was alerted to an interesting loophole that may save Mercedes-Benz shoppers up to $4,000 on the purchase or lease of a new vehicle (This is AFTER any negotiated discounts and other incentives).

The loophole takes advantage of the Mercedes Fleet Program, typically reserved for companies maintaining a corporate fleet of at least 15 Mercedes vehicles. These special cash-back incentives, which range between $1,500 and $4,000, are made available only to executives of these select companies.

The key to the loophole is a creative definition of what constitutes an "executive". WellnessPro, a company claiming to be enrolled in the Mercedes Fleet Program, uses independent distributors as part of their main marketing channel, and here's the catch - these distributors are apparently eligible for the Mercedes Executive Allowance incentives - worth up to $4,000.

2014 ModelsIncentive
2014 Mercedes E-Class$1,500
2014 Mercedes CLS-Class$3,000
2013 ModelsIncentive
2013 Mercedes C-Class $2,000
2013 Mercedes E-Class $2,500
2013 Mercedes CLS-Class $3,000
2013 Mercedes CL-Class $4,000
2013 Mercedes S-Class $4,000
2013 Mercedes SLK-Class $2,000
2013 Mercedes SL-Class $2,000
2013 Mercedes GLK-Class $2,000
2013 Mercedes GL-Class $3,000
2013 Mercedes G-Class $3,000
2013 Mercedes M-Class $2,000
Becoming an independent distributor for WellnessPro is a simple process that takes roughly 15 minutes (you can sign up here - Click on "Opportunity" tab, then "become a distributor"). There is a fee to register: $99, plus you'll need to purchase an initial starter kit priced at between $220 and $240 depending on your state tax. (Note: I DO NOT receive any compensation from this)

Within days, you should receive a special EAB code that will honor these incentives at any Mercedes dealership. So basically, for a total up front payment of less than $350, you should be eligible for incentives worth up to $4,000.

Now, I need to point out there is a risk to this loophole - mainly that Mercedes may not honor the incentives if enough car shoppers start claiming them. In their fine print, they do mention having the right to change the incentives without notice. Because of this, I wanted to know if WellnessPro would be willing to offer refunds to those who signed up and were refused the incentives. Here was their email response:

"This is to confirm that WellnessPro will refund consultant registration fee and product charges to individuals who were unable to obtain their personal EAB Control Number through WellnessPro EAB Program with MBUSA.

All refunds will be processed if requested by the new consultant within 30 days of enrollment, given that WelllnessPro has received the product back in unopened, undamaged selling condition and that the consultant has provided WellnessPro with an official communication from MBUSA stating that they were unable to issue personal EAB Control Number for this consultant."

So there you have it, WellnessPro does state they will offer refunds if you're refused the incentive. If you're currently in the market for a Mercedes, this loophole is something I'd definitely look into - it could literally be extra money in your pocket if it works, and if not, WellnessPro says they will refund your fees. If you're leaning toward a competitive vehicle such as Audi, BMW, Cadillac, or Lexus, be sure to factor in these savings - it may change your mind.

Disclaimer: Please note that I have no relationship to WellnessPro and I DO NOT receive any compensation on anything related to this. None of this should be construed as an endorsement or recommendation for WellnessPro or Mercedes-Benz. I have not fully researched WellnessPro, so I urge you to do your own research before trying this loophole. This tip is provided for informational purposes only and there is no guarantee that Mercedes or WellnessPro will honor these incentives or refund offers.

For those willing to try this loophole, please send me details of the outcome so I can update my readers.

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