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20 Best Car Deals This Month

Although it may still be snowing in parts of the country, March is definitely heating up with lots of great car deals.

Forbes has the scoop on what they consider the 20 best new car deals available this month. These top deals are due in part to the severe winter weather that has been keeping people home and which has lead to some slow car sales in the first few months of 2014.

Some of these tops deals include cars such as the 2014 Aura ILX, 2014 Cadillac ATS, 2014 Dodge Avenger, and 2014 Fiat 500.

As always, I recommend you use TrueCar No Haggle and CarsDirect to see the lowest prices local dealers are offering on any of these vehicles.

Lease DealFinance Deal
VehicleMonthly PaymentTermDownMiles Per YearDealer CashFinancingTerm
2014 Acura ILX$20936$2,49910,000      
2014 BMW 6 Series         $7,500  
2014 BMW X1$34936$3,57410,000   
2014 Cadillac ATS    $3,0000%72
2013 Chevrolet Corvette    $3,0000%72
2014 Dodge Avenger    $3,5000%36
2014 Chrysler 200    $4,0000%; 1.9%60; 72
2014 Fiat 500    $2,5000%; 1.6% ; 3.9%48; 60; 72
2014 Ford Escape    $3,000; $5000%; 1.9%60; 72
2014 Ford Expedition    $3,250; $1,0000%; 1.9%60; 72
2014 Honda Civic$15936$1,99912,0000   
2014 Infiniti Q60    $3,500  
2014 Infiniti QX80    $3,750  
2014 Jeep Cherokee$23936$2,99912,000   
2014 Lexus IS 250$34924$1,99910,000   
2014 Mitsubishi Lancer    $2,0000%; 1.9%60; 72
2014 Ram 2500/3500    $3,000; $2,0002.9%; 3.9%; 4.9%36; 48; 60
2014 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque$45936$010,000   
2014 Toyota Prius$27936$99912,000   
2014 Volkswagen CC    $4,250 

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