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10 Cars Dealers Are Desperate to Sell

With so many vehicles available today, there's bound to be some that simply don't sell well. These slow-movers aren't necessarily bad vehicles - it may be due to bad marketing or their competitors are hard to compete against.

For those open to the possibility, these slow-selling vehicles present a buying opportunity since dealerships should be more willing to negotiate to get them off their lots.

USA Today recently took a look at 10 vehicles that are having problems selling. At the very top of the list is the Honda Insight, which on average took about 171 days to sell in 2014 -- a big difference from the industry-wide average of 71 days. Other vehicles on the slow-mover list include the Infiniti Q60, Buick Verano, and Fiat 500L. Many of these vehicles are selling at a large discount off MSRP.

If you're considering any of these slow-selling vehicles, I recommend you use TrueCar No Haggle and CarsDirect to see the lowest prices available in your area.

RankVehicleDays in Inventory 20142014 Unit SalesMSRP
1Honda Insight170.73,965$18,725
2Nissan GT-R169.91,436$101,770
3Cadillac ELR158.61,310$75,000
4Infiniti Q60158.37,740$40,950
5Buick Verano144.743,743$23,380
6Cadillac XTS144.624,335$44,660
7Fiat 500L140.112,413$19,195
8Volvo XC90139.53,952$48,900
9Kia Cadenza138.89,267$35,100
10Cadillac ATS138.129,890$33,215

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