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Cheapest Lease Deals Right Now

A big frustration when it comes to leasing is the confusion around advertised lease deals and all the hidden fees involved. Most shoppers have a particular monthly payment they want to stick to, and often get lured by advertisements touting low monthly payments. But when you calculate the down payment, taxes, and other fees - that monthly payment all of a sudden becomes way more than what you originally had in mind.

This is why I really love the new leasing service from Carvoy, which I recently started recommending to my readers. They show you the actual monthly payment AFTER all taxes and fees, so you know exactly how much it will cost you.

Carvoy is currently only available to residents in the New York tri-state area, but even if you don't live there, you can use the information below to try to negotiate a similar deal in your local area. Remember, the monthly payments listed below INCLUDES all taxes and fees (which takes into account NY's high tax rate), so you should try to target that amount or lower as your final out-the-door payment with $0 due upfront.

Carvoy's Cheapest Lease Deals

Year Make Model MSRP TermMiles Total Monthly Payment (includes Taxes, fees & $0 down)
2017VolkswagenJetta $20,085 3610000 $225
2017NissanAltima $24,690 3612000 $240
2017NissanRogue $26,495 3612000 $279
2017ChevroletCruze $28,675 2412000 $296
2016MazdaCX-5 $28,820 3610000 $309
2017VolkswagenTiguan $28,155 3610000 $318
2017LexusCT 200h $32,769 3610000 $320
2017VolkswagenJetta $29,115 3610000 $330
2017NissanPathfinder $33,525 3612000 $336
2016MazdaCX-5 $32,675 3610000 $347
2017NissanMaxima $33,915 3612000 $351
2016DodgeChallenger $34,075 2410000 $369
2017InfinitiQX30 $41,730 3910000 $370
2017InfinitiQ50 $42,535 3910000 $395
2017LexusNX 200t $37,122 3610000 $401
2017BMW3 Series $38,250 3610000 $406
2016HondaOdyssey $37,140 3610000 $416
2017LexusIS 300 $43,448 3610000 $439
2016MazdaCX-9 $40,965 3610000 $446
2017NissanPathfinder $41,435 3615000 $449
2017LexusES 350 $42,959 3610000 $484
2017VolvoXC60 $48,265 3610000 $499
If you live in the New York area and want a great lease deal without any hassles, I highly recommend getting a lease quote from Carvoy.

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