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Suzuki Worst Selling Car Maker of 2009

Suzuki With GM and Chrysler constantly in the news about how bad their sales have gotten, we wouldn't blame you if you thought one of the two had the worst sales performance of the year so far. But you'd be wrong.

The car maker with the worst decline in sales for 2009 is Suzuki.

Sales are down over 60% for the first half of 2009. The prices of new cars are heavily affected by supply and demand.

Obviously the demand for Suzuki has plummeted, so does that mean you can get a great deal on one? Probably, but there's a big catch with Suzuki.

The car maker hasn't done much as far as incentives go. In fact, they've been doing the opposite.

Suzuki recently lowered incentives for sales personnel to $100 per vehicle sold. It used to be $300.

There are about 380 Suzuki dealerships in the US and they only managed to sell 2,149 cars last month. That comes out to less than 6 cars per dealership. For comparison, Toyota dealers usually manage to sell more than 80 cars per dealership.

There's huge pressure for dealers to move their inventory so you should have more wiggle room when negotiating for a Suzuki.

If you've been considering a Suzuki, now looks like a great time to buy. Sales can't get much worse and dealers are awaiting the launch of the Suzuki Kizashi in October. They're hoping this will drive more traffic to showrooms and kick-start sales again. Your best bet is to buy before then.

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