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New November Deals From GM

General MotorsThe end of the year is normally a time for great deals on cars, and 2009 is no different. With the recent expiration of last month's car deals, several manufacturers have introduced new incentives for November.

In particular, General Motors announced a potpourri of incentives that includes cash rebates, low interest loans, 0% interest loans, and a few factory-to-dealer rebates on all of its brands, including its discontinued ones.

Among its most striking deals are zero percent loans on all Saturn and Pontiac models for 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 month terms. There are 0% APR loans on many 2009 Chevrolet and a few Buick models as well, although the terms for these are usually shorter, at 24/36/48 months.

Other deals include great cash rebates on many of GM's 2009 models. Buyers can look for $4,000 discounts on all of this year's Saturns, for example. There are similar deals on additional 2009 brands: $2500 rebates on Buick Lacrosse, $3000 on Cadillac DTS and STS, $3500 on Pontiac G6/G8 and Chevrolet Avalanche, $2000 on Cadillac CTS, and $1500 on Chevrolet Malibu.

If Hummers are your preference, there's good news for you as well. This discontinued brand receives generous factory-to-dealer rebates on every vehicle. These include $6,000 on the H3 model, $3,500 on the H3T, and $5,000 for the H2/H2 SUT.

Besides GM, you can also find some outstanding incentives from BMW and Ford from now until the end of December.

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