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Best and Worst Cars to Negotiate a Good Deal

Best and Worst Car DealsLast month was a strong sales month overall, especially for SUVs - 16 of the top 20 fastest sellers were SUVs or crossovers, and the Honda Odyssey brings the total non-car group up to 17.

The only three cars on the list were all luxury models.

The fastest-selling non-luxury car was the Chevy Cruze, sitting on lots for only 16 days before being sold.

The faster a car sells, the less negotiating room you have on the price. Dealers can't keep the cars on the lot, so why would they sell it at a low price?

However brisk some sales of new models were, the lingering 2010s have slowed the average time it takes to sell a new car to 83 days.

That's up from 69 days in October and is the slowest of the year.

Fastest Sellers (Hard to Negotiate Price)

  1. 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe
  2. 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
  3. 2011 BMW 535i xDrive
  4. 2011 Nissan Juke
  5. 2011 VW Touareg
  6. 2011 Subaru Forester
  7. 2011 Mercedes-Benz S550
  8. 2011 Lincoln MKX
  9. 2011 Honda Odyssey

Slowest Sellers (Easy to Negotiate Price)

  1. 2010 BMW ActiveHybrid X6
  2. 2010 Jaguar XK8 coupe
  3. 2010 BMW 650i convertible
  4. 2010 Lexus HS 250h
  5. 2010 BMW 650i coupe
  6. 2010 VW New Beetle convertible
  7. 2010 Mazda MX-5 Power Retractable Hardtop

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