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Cheapest and Highest MPG Cars Available Right Now

Gas prices are still high and the economy looks like its slowing down.

Some people just want a dependable car that will get them from point A to B with minimal cost.

Here is a list of the five most cost-effective (below $14,000) and most fuel-efficient cars on the market right now.

1. 2012 Hyundai Accent

Redesigned for 2012, this subcompact delivers the best price-vs-mpg ratio in the subcompact segment.

Base MSRP Price: $12,445
Engine: 1.6-liter direct-injection inline 4-cylinder, 138 horsepower
Transmissions: 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic with overdrive
Fuel Economy: 30 mpg city/40 mpg highway

2. 2011 Ford Fiesta

Safe, reliable, packed with great options, the Fiesta proves America is back in the game in the subcompact market.

Base MSRP Price: $13,200
Engine: 1.6-liter Duratec inline 4-cylinder, 120 horsepower
Transmissions: 5-speed manual, 6-speed automatic
Fuel Economy: 28 mpg city/37 mpg highway (SFE 29 mpg city/40 mpg highway)

3. 2011 Toyota Yaris

A great value, thanks to the reliability and polish that Toyota is famous for.

Base MSRP Price: $13,155
Engine: 1.5-liter inline 4-cylinder, 106 horsepower
Transmissions: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic
Fuel Economy: 29 mpg city/36 mpg highway

4. 2011 Nissan Versa

A sub-$10,000 base price makes this the cheapest of any standard production car offered in the United States.

Base MSRP Price: $9,990
Engines: 1.6-liter inline 4-cylinder, 107 horsepower/1.8-liter inline 4-cylinder, 122 horsepower
Transmissions: 6-speed manual, 4-speed automatic, CVT
Fuel Economy: 26 mpg city/34 mpg highway (1.6), 26 mpg city/31 mpg highway (1.8)

5. 2011 Chevrolet Aveo

Its last year in production, the Aveo is still a good value.

Base MSRP Price: $11,965
Engine: 1.6-liter inline 4-cylinder, 108 horsepower
Transmissions: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic with overdrive
Fuel Economy: 27 mpg city/35 mpg highway

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