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2011 Models with Lowest Ownership Costs

Edmunds.com has announced their 2011 True Cost to Own Awards, recognizing vehicles with the lowest overall cost of ownership.

In developing the list, they didn't just look at vehicles with the lowest costs for any particular month.

Instead, they found those vehicles that have consistently maintained the lowest ownership costs.

The resulting list represents vehicles with the lowest overall ownership cost in their respective segments.

No matter which car segment you're currently shopping, you should consider one of these winners and at least test drive one to see if you like it.

Your pocketbook will thank you.

Sedan Under $20K Ford Fiesta
Sedan $20K-$30K Honda Accord
Sedan $30K-$40K Volkswagen CC
Sedan over $40K Cadillac CTS
Wagon under $25K Kia Rio
Wagon $25K-$35K Subaru Outback
Wagon Over $35K Ford Flex
Coupe Under $25K Toyota Yaris
Coupe $25K-$35K Honda Accord
Coupe $35K-$45K Audi A5
Coupe Over $45K Cadillac CTS Coupe
Convertible Under $35K MINI Cooper
Convetible $35K-$45K BMW 1 Series
Convertible Over $45K Infiniti G Convertible
Compact Truck Ford Ranger
Large Light Duty Truck Honda Ridgeline
Large Heavy Duty Truck Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD
SUV Under $25K Jeep Patriot
SUV $25K-$35K Chevrolet Equinox
SUV $35K-$45K Honda Pilot
SUV over $45K Acura MDX
Minivan/Van Ford Transit Connect
Hybrid Honda Civic Hybrid

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