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Top 5 Best-Selling Family Sedans

Sometimes when you're not sure which car you should purchase, it's useful to see what others consider to be the best vehicles.

There's no better way to judge this than by looking at the actual sales numbers.

This week, we take a look at the top 5 best selling family sedans from last month. If you're shopping this segment, you should take the time to test drive all 5 of these vehicles.

The most recent addition to this exclusive club is the Hyundai Sonata. The only other noteworthy position is the Honda Accord which is no longer either first nor even a close second, but is fighting to stay ahead of its Korean-brand rival.

As the largest single segment in America by sales volume, this is one hotly contested arena. Just about every brand has an entry and this is almost always where each manufacturer has its best selling passenger car.

1. With 24,851 units, Toyota's Camry has the top spot, mainly due to sales of their redesigned 2012 model.

2. Barely edged out by less than 2%, the Nissan Altima's 24,356 sales were accomplished without the help of any significant new model changes, a noteworthy feat.

3. Our first and only domestic-brand model on the list comes in the form of the Ford Fusion with 19,510 sales.

4. Suffering a sales decline of 13.8% from last year, the Honda Accord moves down two places with its 18,639 units.

5. While the Hyundai Sonata made a strong showing with 18,639 units sold, it shares a platform with the Kia Optima which had more than six thousands sales of its own.

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