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The Best Deals on Used Compact SUVs

As we reported last week, used car prices are set to hit rock bottom this month.

If you've been considering a used compact SUV, you need to check out the following list compiled by Consumer Reports.

They researched current deals on 2006 - 2008 models that have ranked well in reliability.

The previous owners have already taken the large depreciation hit that comes with the first few years of ownership.

Hyundai Tucson Used

The list includes average retail prices you can expect to pay at a dealership. Some of the vehicles have depreciated as much as 40% compared to their original MSRP - so you're saving a lot of money here.

Keep in mind these are dealer prices - you should be able to get an even better deal if you buy from a private party.

Make & model Mileage MSRP when new Dealer Price Drop in Price vs. MSRP
2007 Hyundai Tucson 66,000 $23,845 $14,800 38%
2006 Subaru Forester X 75,000 24,945 15,050 40%
2007 Subaru Forester X 66,000 21,995 15,475 30%
2008 Mitsubishi Outlander LS 51,000 23,970 15,700 35%
2006 Toyota RAV4 Ltd 75,000 25,870 16,125 38%
2007 Toyota RAV4 
66,000 24,385 16,550 32%
2006 Honda CR-V SE 75,000 25,450 16,725 34%
2008 Subaru Forester X 51,000 22,495 17,825 21%
2007 Honda CR-V EX
66,000 24,050 17,875 26%
2008 Nissan Rogue SL 51,000 21,870 18,025 18%
2008 Acura RDX 51,000 33,195 23,700 29%

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