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29 Vehicles that Get 40 MPG or Higher

When considering a new car purchase, most consumers put fuel economy near the top of their list. Car makers know this, so they're always promoting the fact that some of their vehicles can hit that magic 40 mpg figure.

Consumer Reports wanted to find out whether these claims were true, so they tested vehicles that advertise an EPA highway MPG of 40 or higher. They found that in most cases, the claims were true (Only the Hyundai Elantra fell below the stated 40 MPG claim). In fact, most were actually under-reporting the MPG by a decent percentage.

For example, the Volkswagen Passat TDI was actually able to get 51 MPG on the highway, even though they only advertised 40 MPG.

With these surprising results, Consumer Reports wondered whether other models could hit the 40 MPG mark even though they advertised a lower figure. They found 17 models that could, including the Scion xD, which had an advertised MPG of 33 MPG.

Here is the full list of vehicles they tested. You can learn more about how Consumer Reports measured the MPG here.

Make & Model
EPA Highway MPG CR Highway MPG Difference (mpg)
Toyota Prius
48 55 7
Honda Civic Hybrid
44 50 6
Honda Insight EX
44 45 1
Volkswagen Jetta TDI
42 45 3
Volkswagen Golf TDI (manual)
42 49 7
Volkswagen Jetta Wagon TDI (manual)
42 49 7
Volkswagen Passat TDI
40 51 11
Lexus CT 200h
40 47 7
Toyota Prius V
40 47 7
Hyundai Accent GLS
40 45 5
Mazda3 i Touring (Skyactiv)
40 43 3
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
40 40 0
Hyundai Elantra
40 39 -1
EPA Highway MPG CR Highway MPG Difference (mpg)
Honda Civic LX
39 47 8
Honda Civic EX
39 43 4
Ford Fiesta SE sedan
39 45 6
Ford Focus SE
38 43 5
Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE
38 43 5
Fiat 500 Sport (manual)
38 42 4
Fiat 500C Pop (manual)
38 42 4
Nissan Versa SV sedan
38 40 2
Honda CR-Z EX (manual)
37 45 8
Ford Fiesta SES hatchback (manual)
38 42 4
Mini Cooper (manual)
37 41 4
BMW 335d (diesel)
36 40 4
Ford Fusion Hybrid
36 40 4
Toyota Camry LE
35 41 6
Mazda2 Sport (manual)
35 40 5
Toyota Corolla LE
34 40 6
Scion xD (manual)
33 40 7

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