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Top 20 Most Popular Cars in America Right Now

Car sales went through the roof last month, surprising most analysts. The uptick in sales is due to pent-up demand from consumers who need to replace their aging vehicles. Financing is also more readily available, even to those with not-so-stellar credit.

Toyota Camry topped the list of the most popular cars in America right now with 34,542 sold last month. The Nissan Altima was close behind with nearly 33,000 units sold.

Ford Focus sales shot up 115% compared to the same time last year, but half of those sales went to fleets such as rental car agencies (too many fleet sales usually lead to a drop in resale value).

Here is the list of the top 20 most popular cars in America right now. Pay attention to the ones that had a drop in sales, those are the ones that should have more wiggle room when it comes time to negotiate.

RankCarSales% Change
1Toyota Camry34,542 27%
2Nissan Altima32,953 58%
3Honda Civic27,087 42%
4Ford Focus23,350115%
5Toyota Corolla/Matrix22,148-14%
6Ford Fusion21,773 -6%
7Honda Accord20,702 -2%
8Toyota Prius Family20,58952%
9Chevrolet Cruze20,42710%
10Chevrolet Malibu19,987 5%
11Hyundai Sonata17,425 11%
12Chevrolet Impala15,333 -6%
13Hyundai Elantra13,820 13%
14Volkswagen Jetta12,8382%
15Kia Optima11,558139%
16Mazda 311,27539%
17Kia Soul10,876 63%
18Nissan Sentra10,605 -16%
19Nissan Versa10,190 -4%
20Chrysler 2009717224%

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