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The Fastest and Slowest-Selling Cars Right Now

Consumer demand for a vehicle can really drive up the price. It's important to know which vehicles are in highest demand, and which ones aren't selling well.

By timing your car purchase, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. TrueCar has put together a list of vehicles that are selling quickest and slowest right now.

The average number of days it takes to sell a new car is 48 days. The 2012 Toyota Prius, which is very popular, takes on average only 10 days to sell. Meanwhile, a Mitsubishi outlander takes 107 days. It's no mystery which one sells at a bigger discount.

Here is a current list of the quickest and slowest-selling vehicles for 2012:

RankVehicle Category Average Inventory
1Subcompact Car35 Days
2Luxury SUV36 Days
3Midsize SUV40 Days
4Small SUV45 Days
4Small Car45 Days
6Luxury Car46 Days
  Industry Average 48 Days
7Minivan50 Days
7Sport Car50 Days
9Luxury Sport Car52 Days
9Small Truck52 Days
9Midsize Car52 Days
12Large Truck61 Days
13Van63 Days
14Large SUV72 Days
15Large Car82 Days

2012 Vehicles: Shortest Days in Inventory
RankModel/YearDays in Inventory
1Ford Econoline9 Days
1BMW X69 Days
3Toyota prius10 Days
3Nissan cube10 Days
5Hyundai Veloster11 Days
5Hyundai Elantra11 Days
7Volkswagen Golf R12 Days
7Honda CR-V12 Days
9Subaru Impreza Wagon13 Days
9Audi Q513 Days
2012 Vehicles: Longest Days in Inventory
RankModel/YearDays in Inventory
1Nissan NV136 Days
2Mitsubishi Outlander107 Days
2FIAT 500107 Days
4Chevrolet Corvette100 Days
5Chevrolet Volt96 Days
6GMC CAnyon91 Days
7Honda Civic Hybrid88 Days
8Infiniti M3787 Days
9Infiniti EX3586 Days
10Suzuki Grand Vitara85 Days

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