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Toyota Raising Prices In May

Toyota will be raising prices on several of its popular models beginning in May. The price hikes range from $150 to $250 and affect the following 6 models:

  1. Prius V
  2. Camry
  3. Camry Hybrid
  4. Highlander Hybrid
  5. Tacoma
  6. Scion tC

Price increases are common throughout the year, and I wouldn't be surprised to see other manufactuers raising prices as well. Car sales are back to pre-recession levels and inventory levels remain low, which means manufacturers will be trying to squeeze some extra profits out of their vehicles.

These price increases will affect vehicles produced beginning in May, which means all current vehicles will still have the lower prices, saving you a little extra money if you purchase this month.

Here's a full break-down of the price hikes:

Prius v Two$26,400 $150 0.60%$26,550
Prius v Three$27,165 $150 0.60%$27,315
Prius v Five$29,990 $150 0.50%$30,140
Camry L$21,955 $100 0.50%$22,055
Camry LE$22,500 $100 0.40%$22,600
Camry XLE$24,725 $50 0.20%$24,775
Camry SE$23,000 $220 1.00%$23,220
Camry SE V6$26,640 $270 1.00%$26,910
Camry XLE V6$29,845 $270 0.90%$30,115
Camry Hybrid LE$25,900 $90 0.30%$25,990
Camry Hybrid XLE$27,400 $100 0.40%$27,500
Highlander Hybrid$38,540 $175 0.5$38,715
Highlander Hybrid LTD$44,195 $175 0.4$44,370
Tacoma$16,875 $250 1.50%$17,125
Tacoma$17,775 $250 1.40%$18,025
Tacoma$19,665 $250 1.30%$19,915
Tacoma$20,565 $250 1.20%$20,815
Tacoma X-Runner$26,380 $250 0.90%$26,630
Tacoma PreRunner$21,325 $250 1.20%$21,575
Tacoma PreRunner$22,760 $250 1.10%$23,010
Tacoma$22,175 $250 1.10%$22,425
Tacoma PreRunner$22,825 $250 1.10%$23,075
Tacoma PreRunner$24,260 $250 1.00%$24,510
Tacoma PreRunner$24,760 $250 1.00%$25,010
Tacoma$20,725 $250 1.20%$20,975
Tacoma$21,855 $250 1.10%$22,105
Tacoma$23,500 $250 1.10%$23,750
Tacoma$24,400 $250 1.00%$24,650
Tacoma$25,055 $250 1.00%$25,305
Tacoma$25,935 $250 1.00%$26,185
Tacoma$26,455 $250 0.90%$26,705
Tacoma$27,335 $250 0.90%$27,585
Tacoma$27,835 $250 0.90%$28,085

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