Cars with the Biggest Discounts

With 2013 models starting to hit dealer showrooms, now is a good time to start looking at 2012 models for the really big savings.

This week, I gathered pricing information on all 2012 models and sorted them by biggest average discounts off MSRP. These are the discounts that regular car buyers are negotiating nationwide.

The list shows the average discounts on the base models (including rebates), so different trim levels may not be as heavily discounted. Keep in mind these are only averages, and you may be able to negotiate bigger discounts in your local area. It all depends on the local supply and demand dyanmics of those particular models.

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Biggest Discounts on 2012 Models

VehicleMSRPAvg PaidAvg CarWoo Discount*
Mitsubishi Galant$22,694 $18,973 16%
Chevrolet Avalanche$37,795 $31,806 16%
Nissan Titan$29,515 $25,159 15%
Ford Escape$22,265 $19,171 14%
Chevrolet Malibu$22,870 $19,729 14%
Chrysler 200$22,415 $19,370 14%
Ford Taurus$26,350 $22,773 14%
Suzuki Equator$18,814 $16,281 13%
Ram 1500$23,415 $20,323 13%
Nissan Armada$40,865 $35,491 13%
Chevrolet Impala$26,585 $23,103 13%
Jeep Liberty$24,320 $21,136 13%
Dodge Avenger$19,990 $17,440 13%
Ford Expedition$38,595 $33,910 12%
Ram 2500$29,855 $26,269 12%
Nissan Sentra$17,210 $15,176 12%
Ford Expedition EL$41,245 $36,442 12%
Ford Flex$30,290 $26,821 11%
Nissan Altima$21,330 $18,913 11%
Ford Super Duty F-250 $30,060 $26,708 11%
Toyota Tundra 4WD$31,335 $27,885 11%
Ford Super Duty F-350 $30,780 $27,433 11%
Toyota Tundra 2WD $26,140 $23,326 11%
Nissan Maxima$33,200 $29,676 11%
Ram 3500$38,995 $34,887 11%
Lincoln MKS$42,375 $37,934 10%
Ram Cargo Van$23,415 $20,965 10%
Lincoln MKZ$35,630 $31,988 10%
GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid$41,005 $36,880 10%
Nissan Altima Coupe$24,820 $22,337 10%
Suzuki Kizashi$19,764 $17,809 10%
Ford Edge$28,595 $25,792 10%
Nissan Murano$30,785 $27,774 10%
Ford Mustang$32,105 $29,020 10%
Nissan Frontier$19,835 $17,937 10%
Suzuki Grand Vitara$20,464 $18,517 10%

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- Gregg Fidan

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