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Great Deals on 2012 Honda Civics

A leaked report this week reveals that Honda dealers will be desperately trying to sell off all remaining 2012 Civics by November 29th. That's the date when the refreshed 2013 Civic is expected to go on sale, making it difficult for dealers to sell the remaining 2012 models.  

The 2012 model was an all-new design, but received widespread criticism for its lackluster dynamics and interior quality.  In fact, Consumer Reports removed the Civic from its Recommended list and placed it on the "cars to avoid" list.  

Despite the criticism, Civic sales have been strong, with over 21,000 sold last month.  However, there are nearly 40,000 units left on dealer lots, and it's going to be difficult for dealers to get rid of all of them before the end of November.

The 2013 Civic will come with dramatic improvements, so if dealers still have remaining 2012 models on the lots, they will have a difficult time selling them.  This presents a great opportunity to get a great deal on the 2012 models (assuming you don't mind the drawbacks).  

My recommendation is to try to wait towards the end of the month for the best deals.  As the November 29 deadline approaches, dealers will be more willing to negotiate, and Honda may even throw in extra incentives.   The best deals will be after November 29th when the 2013 model actually arrives, but by then, the inventory will be limited and you may not get the colors or options you desire.  

If you do buy the 2012 model, I only recommend you do so if you're willing to keep the vehicle for at least 6 years.  The 2013 model will have drastic improvements, so the used car market may consider it a "redesigned" model down the road.

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