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Lease Deals Under $300 per Month

There are many car shoppers looking for reliable transportation on a low budget. Leasing offers the opportunity to drive a new car and not worry about paying for break-downs or problems that may come up (thanks to the new car warranty).

If you don't particularly care about which vehicle you drive, there are several lease options to choose from - all of which come with payments of $300 per month or less (tax and other fees not included).

Below is a list of the cheapest lease deals available right now on brand new vehicles. Be sure to use the free to ensure you get maximum savings on these lease deals.

YearMakeModel Monthly payment with $0 Down
2013smartfortwo $127
2013KiaRio $194
2013SubaruImpreza $208
2013HyundaiAccent $217
2013HyundaiElantra $219
2013HondaFit $225
2013KiaOptima $230
2013SubaruLegacy $230
2013HyundaiVeloster $238
2013HyundaiElantra Coupe $239
2013HondaCivic $239
2013VolkswagenGolf $241
2013DodgeDart $243
2013HyundaiElantra GT $249
2013MINICooper $249
2013MitsubishiOutlander Sport $251
2013MitsubishiLancer $253
2013AcuraILX $260
2013MitsubishiLancer Sportback $263
2013SubaruForester $269
2013HondaAccord $280
2013MINICooper Coupe $289
2013SubaruXV Crosstrek $294
2013HondaCR-V $295
2012KiaOptima $295
2013MitsubishiOutlander $300

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