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Most Fuel Efficient New Cars

"Green" is definitely the it word of today, and that goes for cars, too. More and more car buyers are interested in a vehicle that not only saves them money on gas each week, but is better for the environment.

If purchasing a green car is important to you, then you're in luck - Consumer Reports recently put together a list of their top picks when it comes to doing your part for Mother Earth.

Testers found all the vehicles on the list - from the Ford Focus Electric to the Tesla Model S - to beat 35 MPG and be a joy to drive as well. Don't forget to use the free for even greater savings while you're doing your part for the environment.

ModelTypeTested PriceOverall MPG
Ford Focus ElectricFuel efficient hatchbacks$40,990107*
Nissan LeafFuel efficient hatchbacks$35,430106*
Tesla Model S+Luxury sedans$89,65084*
Chevrolet VoltFuel efficient hatchbacks$43,70061
Toyota PriusFuel efficient hatchbacks$26,75044
Toyota Prius V ThreeWagons$28,21741
Ford Fusion SE HybridFamily sedans$28,29039
Toyota Camry Hybrid XLEFamily sedans$29,05238
Volkswagen Golf TDIFuel efficient hatchbacks$24,76438
Ford C-MAX Hybrid SEWagons$26,68537
Volkswagen Passat TDI SEFamily sedans$28,66537
Volkswagen Jetta HybridFuel efficient hatchbacks$28,05537
Lexus ES 300hLuxury/luxury sedans$44,10736

*Electric cars are rated in MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) calculated based on the same amount of energy in one gallon of gasoline.

+ The Tesla Model S is still in testing.

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