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Most Popular New Cars Right Now

New car sales were down dramatically last month compared to a year ago. This could be the start of a longer downward trend, which is good news for buyers - as incentives should increase, especially as we come towards end-of-year.

The Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V were the two non-pickups making the top 5 list last month.

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Top 20 Most Popular New Cars Right Now

RankVehicleUnits Sold
1 Ford F-150 64,800
2 Ram 1500 48,916
3 Chevrolet Silverado 47,050
4 Toyota RAV4 34,886
5 Honda CR-V 25,904
6 Nissan Rogue 29,449
7 Honda Civic 22,337
8 Chevrolet Equinox 24,150
9 Toyota Corolla 23,325
10 Toyota Camry 20,354
11 Honda Accord 20,326
12 Tesla Model 3 20,250*
13 Ford Escape 18,370
14 Toyota Tacoma 18,330
15 Jeep Grand Cherokee 18,693
16 Toyota Highlander 18,294
17 Jeep Wrangler 17,966
18 GMC Sierra 20,033
19 Nissan Altima 17,553
20 Subaru Outback 11,281

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