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5 Vehicles You Should Avoid Buying

It's a well known fact that the moment you purchase a brand new car and drive it off the dealer lot, the value of that car automatically drops. And every year the car continues to depreciate.

However, not every vehicle depreciates equally, and it can vary widely from car to car. This is especially important if you plan on getting rid of the car within 5 years.

To help navigate the choppy depreciation waters, our friends at BankRate.com recently put together a list of the top five cars that lose a lot of value, along with some better alternatives. And as always, whenever you are purchasing a new car, make sure to use the free to get the best deal possible.

VehicleMSRPDepreciation Over 5 YrsAlternativeMSRPDepreciation Over 5 Yrs
2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara Premium RWD$22,349$14,3792013 Mini Cooper Countryman$22,000$10,210
2012 Jeep Liberty Limited Sport 2WD$23,395$15,239Toyota FJ Cruiser 4x2 AT$26,115$8,113
2012 Kia Sedona LX$24,900$17,7302012 Honda Odyssey $28,375$14,768
2013 Chevrolet Impala LT$27,385$17,9832013 Toyota Camry L 4Dr Sedan$22,235$9,688
2013 Jaguar XJ AWD$76,700$52,0142013 Porsche Panamera$80,450$41,988

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