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12 Most Embarrassing Cars

Have you ever passed a car that just made you cringe and wonder what the car designer was thinking when they came up with that concept? Well, you're apparently not alone. CarInsurance.com recently polled 1,500 licensed drivers on what they considered the "Cringe Score" for 12 different vehicles on the road today, and to state the three cars they would be the most embarrassed to be seen in.

At the top of the list? The Smart ForTwo, with a "Cringe Score" of 7.6. That was followed by the Nissan Cube with a score of 3.6 and Hummer H2 with a score of 3.5.

RankVehicleCringe ScoreNo. 1 VotesMost-Cited ReasonTop Write-In
1Smart ForTwo7.6497Too smallUnsafe
2Nissan Cube3.6113Tries too hardJust plain ugly
3Hummer H23.5208Too bigImmoral
4Chevrolet SSR2.193Tries too hardTacky
5Volkswagen New Beetle1.983Too 'girly'Ridiculously 'cute'
6Subaru Baja1.660Tries too hardFunny looking
7Lincoln Town Car1.673Too 'Grandpa'A prom rental
8Pontiac Aztek1.457Tries too hardA design disaster
9Chrysler PT Cruiser128Too 'Grandpa'A cliché
10Honda Element0.924Tries too hardA box on wheels
11Chevrolet HHR0.727Too 'old'Looks like a hearse
12Nissan Murano Cabriolet0.311Too 'girly'Ugly as hell

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