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50 Best Used Car Deals Right Now

If you're looking to purchase a used vehicle before the end of the year, you'll be interested in the
Consumer Reports list of the best deals right now on used 2009-2013 vehicles, all of which they personally recommend based on depreciation, safety, and reliability.

On the list are cars such as the 2009 Honda Civic, 2011 Toyota Corolla, 2013 Volkswagen Golf, and 2011 Nissan Altima.

VehicleCategoryMileageMSRP When NewDealer Avg. PriceDrop in Retail Value vs. MSRP
2009 Ford FusionFamily Car66,000$19,035$9,20052%
2010 Honda AccordFamily Car51,000$26,830$16,55038%
2011 Nissan AltimaFamily Car40,000$19,900$12,75036%
2012 Toyota PriusFamily Car22,000$24,000$18,80022%
2013 Toyota CamryFamily Car11,000$22,680$20,12511%
2009 Mercedes-Benz E-ClassLuxury Cars66,000$53,200$22,47558%
2010 Lexus LS 460Luxury Cars51,000$64,680$39,07540%
2011 Lexus GS 350Luxury Cars40,000$48,850$35,50027%
2012 Infiniti M37Luxury Cars22,000$47,700$36,65023%
2013 Mercedes-Benz E-ClassLuxury Cars11,000$51,000$46,3509%
2009 Lexus RX 350Luxury SUVs66,000$37,700$24,15036%
2010 Infiniti FX35Luxury SUVs51,000$42,400$27,52535%
2011 Lexus RX 350Luxury SUVs40,000$40,475$34,57515%
2012 Lexus RX 450hLuxury SUVs22,000$46,825$42,7009%
2013 Lexus GX 460Luxury SUVs11,000$58,590$55,6505%
2009 Acura MDXMidsized SUVs66,000$40,990$24,37541%
2010 Honda PilotMidsized SUVs51,000$30,745$20,35034%
2011 Mazda CX-9Midsized SUVs40,000$33,145$24,05027%
2012 Toyota HighlanderMidsized SUVs22,000$29,245$26,22510%
2013 Toyota VenzaMidsized SUVs11,000$27,850$23,60015%
2009 Toyota Sienna CEMinivans66,000$24,540$13,37545%
2010 Toyota Sienna LtdMinivans51,000$35,665$25,72528%
2011 Toyota Sienna LEMinivans40,000$29,200$21,52526%
2012 Toyota Sienna SEMinivans22,000$33,440$27,25019%
2013 Toyota Sienna XLEMinivans11,000$33,510$31,6506%
2009 Honda RidgelinePickups66,000$28,200$17,17539%
2010 Toyota TundraPickups51,000$28,705$17,62539%
2011 Honda RidgelinePickups40,000$28,900$23,55019%
2012 Toyota TundraPickups22,000$31,580$27,17514%
2013 Honda RidgelinePickups11,000$29,450$26,55010%
2009 Honda CivicSmall Car66,000$21,655$13,42538%
2010 Subaru ImprezaSmall Car51,000$18,495$13,10029%
2011 Toyota CorollaSmall Car40,000$16,400$12,57523%
2012 Mazda3Small Car22,000$17,695$14,20020%
2013 Volkswagen GolfSmall Car11,000$19,095$17,25010%
2009 Honda CR-VSmall SUVs66,000$23,495$15,55034%
2010 Mitsubishi OutlanderSmall SUVs51,000$20,840$11,07547%
2011 Nissan RogueSmall SUVs40,000$22,060$15,55030%
2012 Subaru ForesterSmall SUVs22,000$26,595$22,40016%
2013 Toyota RAV4Small SUVs11,000$23,300$21,7757%
2009 Acura TLUpscale Cars66,000$34,955$20,40042%
2010 Infiniti G37Upscale Cars51,000$33,250$20,85037%
2011 Lexus ES 300Upscale Cars40,000$36,725$28,97521%
2012 Lincoln MKZUpscale Cars22,000$35,645$22,50035%
2013 Lexus IS 250Upscale Cars11,000$37,525$35,1256%
2009 Pontiac VibeWagons66,000$16,100$9,45041%
2010 Toyota MatrixWagons51,000$17,510$12,07531%
2011 Honda Accord CrosstourWagons40,000$29,790$18,27539%
2012 Scion xBWagons22,000$17,250$15,7009%
2013 Honda Accord CrosstourWagons11,000$27,230$19,90027%

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