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10 Most Desired Cars for 2014

By now, dealerships are buzzing with all the new 2014 vehicles on their lots. And you might be hoping that with the New Year upon us, dealers would be willing to negotiate deals on these vehicles to help keep them moving.

However, some models are more popular than others and the more popular the vehicle is, the harder it is to get a deal on it. Forbes has recently put together a list of the 10 hottest 2014 cars right now. The demand for some are so high that they're selling for over their list price.

On the list are the Land Rover Range Rover -- considered by Forbes as the hottest vehicle for 2014 thus far -- Jeep Cherokee, Honda Accord Hybrid, and BMW 4 Series.

If you want to get your hands on one of these hot sellers, I recommend waiting several months for demand to die down - you'll likely save hundreds if not thousands. But if you absolutely can't wait, make sure to use the free to get the biggest discounts on these vehicles. And be sure to check out TrueCar Pre-Negotiated Prices to compare real prices where you live.

RankVehicleAvg. Days in InventoryAvg. Selling PriceOver/Under MSRP
1Land Rover Range Rover9$108,3673.08%
2Chevrolet Corvette Stingray10$66,352-0.04%
2Land Rover Range Rover Sport10$81,934-0.40%
2Jeep Cherokee10$30,822-6.61%
5Honda Accord Hybrid11$33,358-0.24%
6Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class11$36,512-5.35%
6BMW 4 Series14$50,746-5.33%
8Subaru Forester17$26,446-5.05%
8Audi Q517$45,834-6.41%
10Mitsubishi Mirage18$15,430-5.20%

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