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25 Best Selling Vehicles of 2016

Drum roll, please! The best selling vehicle last year was the Ford F-150, by a large margin, moving a whopping 820,799 units this past year

The Toyota Camry was the best-selling car, with 388,000 units sold, followed closely by the Corolla, and Honda Civic.

The best-selling SUV was the Honda CR-V, with a total of 357,000 units sold. If you're looking to purchase any of these top 2016 sellers, make sure to use TrueCar and Edmunds to see the best prices offered by your local dealers.

Best Selling Cars Ranked

RankBest-Selling VehicleTotal Sales 2016
1Ford F-Series820,799
2Chevrolet Silverado574,876
3Ram 1500489,418
4Toyota Camry388,618
5Toyota Corolla378,210
6Honda Civic366,927
7Honda CR-V357,335
8Toyota RAV4352,154
9Honda Accord345,225
10Nissan Rogue329,904
11Nissan Altima307,380
12Ford Escape307,069
13Ford Fusion265,840
14Ford Explorer248,507
15Chevrolet Equinox242,195
16Chevrolet Malibu227,881
17GMC Sierra221,680
18Nissan Sentra214,709
19Jeep Grand Cherokee212,273
20Hyundai Elantra208,319
21Jeep Cherokee199,736
22Hyundai Sonata199,416
23Jeep Wrangler191,774
24Toyota Tacoma191,631
25Toyota Highlander191,379

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